Brilliant Books Monthly: Holiday Box!

Holiday Box at Brilliant books.  White box on a canopy of fir branches.  On the box are a collection of icons: presents, candles, ice skates, holly berries, snowmen, snowflakes, mittens, and piles of books.

Are you thinking of gifting a Brilliant Books Monthly subscription this holiday season?  It's a great gift for readers of all kinds, with every book personalized for the reader—which is why readers call Brilliant Books Monthly  "one of the best gifts ever!"  Plus, this year you can throw in some extra holiday cheer with our limited edition Holiday Box!

A simple cartoon drawing of a stack of colorful books, tied with a red ribbon


Our 2021 Holiday Box can be selected for any type of subscription, including renewals!  So whether you're purchasing a subscription of Kids' Books, Iconic Reads, or our classic Brilliant Books Monthly, you can select this special gift box for your Welcome Box.  Choosing the Holiday Box doesn't change pricing or content at all—it just adds some winter holiday fun to your subscription.

Keep in mind: this is a limited edition Brilliant Books Monthly box.  There are only 500 boxes available, so make sure you order yours soon to add some winter cheer to your bookish gift!


How to select the Holiday Box: Find the Brilliant Books Monthly subscription you wish to order.  At the bottom of the subscription, there is an option to select your welcome box (just below the options about shipping and renewal).  Just select the option for the Holiday Welcome Box!

Shipping & pickup: All subscriptions packed in the Holiday Box will ship on December 1st.  If you prefer to pick up your box, it will be available for pickup on the same date.


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