Sorry, No Sequel

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

It's happened to all of us.  You find a book you love, with an amazing cast of characters and a great story, and when you get to the end...that's it.  No sequel, no companion book, just a simple "The End."  Even our booksellers aren't immune.  Here are some of the stand-alone books that leave them wishing for more.

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Signed by Richard Russo!

Friday, June 8th, 2018

We had a very special visitor this morning! Richard Russo is in town for the National Writers Series, and stopped by to sign a few books. All right, maybe more than a few. He even added a second signature to our pre-signed first editions of The Destiny Thief. If your Richard Russo collection has a few holes in it, stop by and pick up signed copies to fill them!

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Anthony Bourdain (1956-2018)

Friday, June 8th, 2018

Chef, television host, and author Anthony Bourdain has died.  He was 61.

Bourdain was a chef at the New York restaurant Les Halles when his first book, Kitchen Confidential, propelled him to national recognition.  He worked first with Food Network and then the Travel Channel, where he earned two Emmy awards for his series Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.  Most recently, Bourdain had joined CNN to continue exploring food and culture around the world. 

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Happy Birthday, Nikki Giovanni!

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Happy birthday to poet and activist Nikki Giovanni!

Born in 1943, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Giovanni grew up in a family of storytellers.  She was especially close to her grandmother, who taught young Giovanni a great appreciation for her African American heritage.  Because of this, the oral storytelling tradition is especially strong in her poetry...

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