Brilliant Books Monthly - Hardcover Edition

A whole year of hardcover books chosen especially for you.

We'll send you a short questionnaire and select books for you every month based on your tastes. So while every book is a surprise, it's never a shock.

Prices include, selection of 12 books, one per month and all postage and packaging

Once we receive your order we'll send a short questionnaire. Return it to us and we'll send your first book. You'll receive another book each and every month for 12 months.

Sending Our Brilliant Books Monthly as a gift?

The Brilliant Books Monthly questionnaire comes in it's own card presenter, to make gift giving easy and to maintain the surprise until the appropriate time. The questionnaire will have a place for your recipient to put the address to which they want the books.

We can either:

  • Send the card presenter and questionnaire to you, to give to your recipient.
  • Send the sealed card presenter, in which we indicate that the gift is from you, to your recipient.

Please indicate in the Comments section of your order which you would prefer.

Either way, the address to which we send books will be supplied by them. So you don't need to supply that here if the card presenter and questionnaire are coming to you to give as a gift.

A whole year of the very best of Brilliant Books chosen especially for you.

Six months of the very best of Brilliant Books chosen especially for you.