You Won't Believe Why We Can't Have A "Book of the Month Club"

Spring, 2015


What Happened?

Brilliant Books storefront, with a bright white flag We received a "Cease and Desist" order from Bookspan, the owners of the term 'Book-of-the-Month Club', who demanded we stop using it.

Bookspan is a multi-national corporation.

We are Brilliant Books, a small bookstore in Northern Michigan with a dozen employees (if you count the High School intern).

We decided to comply with immediate effect.


Why This is Weird:

A lot of people have a 'Book of the Month Club'. Google it, please.

Did we mention we're a small (3,000 sq ft) bookstore in Traverse City, Michigan?


Why It's Ironic:

We go out of our way to avoid being mistaken for the folks who think we are trying to impersonate them.

We do not use the 'negative response' model'. (If you don't decline it, you get it). We send you a card and ask you what you like, then we send you books based on your preferences. We also want our subscribers to be delighted with every selection, not stuck with them, which is why we guarantee every book we send.



Note: Since the text below was written we have chosen a new name - Brilliant Books Monthly - and we continue to thrive.  Voting for a new name is now closed. Thank you.


Why We Need Your Help:

Despite the absurdity, we can't fight this. We simply don't have the resources to even think about it.Very tall stack of colorful books

We do, however, need a new name for our personalized-monthly-book-selecton-service. Very soon.

We were tempted to go with "Not the Same Old Book of the Month Club”, but thought better of it. We need your suggestions. I’m sure someone out there can come up with a suitable name for a small bookstore's monthly book subscription service.

Before we re-print all the preference cards; welcome packs; leaflets and posters, and re-record the local radio ads…. we need a new permanent name. So it's over to you. We're letting you vote to help us find a new name.

Meanwhile, we're using Brilliant Books Monthly. Current subscribers will see no disruption whatsoever. The only thing that has to change is the name. We will still hand-pick books with the same diligence. We are committed to being the absolute best version of a monthly book delivery service anywhere in the country, no matter what the name.

Thank you all for your support.

Here’s to a wonderful future, whatever it’s called.

All the best


Peter & Colleen Makin
Brilliant Books
Traverse City, Michigan


P.S. Click here to read the more detailed post we sent our members.