North Oakview Library Birthday Book Club

Looking for the perfect gift for your child's birthday?  A gift that promotes the love of reading?  A gift that can be enjoyed over and over again, for years to come?  A gift that will benefit all students at North Oakview?  Look no further! 

The North Oakview Library has partnered with Brilliant Books to make the North Oakview Library Birthday Book Club possible.  Through this safe and secure site, you can purchase a book(s) from the North Oakview Library Wish List.  The book(s) will be shipped directly to Mrs. Davies at the North Oakview Library. 

Once the book(s) arrive, Mrs. Davies will put a Birthday Book Club nameplate in the inside cover, including the child's name, birthday and year donated.  The child will also have his/her picture taken with the book, and have the opportunity to be the first student to check the book out from the North Oakview Library!

Brilliant Books partners with North Oakview Library to help provide this program and is offering a discount of 20% for all donated books. Books for this program can be purchased using the links below.  Donated books will be conveniently collected by Brilliant Books and delivered to North Oakview Library on your behalf.
1. Select your book!  Add it to your cart.
2. Enter this coupon codeNOAKVIEWBC. A 20% discount will be applied in the summary section of your order.
3. Click "Pick Up In Store."  Brilliant Books will deliver the books directly to the Teacher-Librarian at North Oakview for you.
4. In the comments section, please enter your student's first & last name and grade level.  Your Teacher-Librarian will create the Birthday Book Club nameplate from this information.
The books selected for this program have been carefully selected by Mrs. Davies. Please choose from the list below when selecting a title for donation.