Remain in Touch Program

Remain in Touch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit literacy program offered at the Leelanau and Benzie County Jails. Through this program, inmates have the opportunity to select a free book for each of their children.  There are options for children ages 0-12 years as well as for teens age 13-18.  Parents read and record all or part of the book, and both book and recording are sent on to their individual children, allowing parents to bridge the gap that exists during the time of their incarceration.

The benefits of this program are immeasurable. Children are able to listen to their parents reading to them as often as they wish, because the books and recordings are theirs to keep. Sharing books in this way serves as a reminder that neither parent nor child has been forgotten. For teen readers, parents receive a copy of the book as well, and can share in the experience of reading the same story.  In this way, Remain in Touch programs help families stay connected now and into the future. 

Brilliant Books partners with Remain in Touch to help provide this opportunity, offering a discount of 20% for all donated books. Books for this program can be purchased using the links below, by phone, or in-store. Donated books will be conveniently collected by Brilliant Books and delivered to Remain in Touch on your behalf.


How to purchase and donate a book to Remain in Touch

  • Select a title (or two!) from the curated lists prepared by Remain in Touch.  There are separate, age-appropriate lists for children and teens
  • Enter the following code at checkout to receive your discount: RNC9TDRL
  • Select the "Pick Up In Store" delivery option. The books will be collected by Brilliant Books and delivered to Remain in Touch on your behalf.
  • Your donation is tax deductible, and you will receive follow up communication from Remain in Touch regarding your donation.  Monetary donations to Remain in Touch are also tax deductible and happily accepted by Remain in Touch at the address below.  A letter of thanks will be returned for tax purposes.


Contact Remain in Touch

PO Box 553
Suttons Bay, MI 49682
(231) 499-0606


The books selected for this program have been carefully curated. Please choose from one of the lists below when selecting a title for donation.      

For Ages 0-12    For Ages 13-18