Brilliant Books Affiliate Program

Brilliant Books' Affiliate Program is a way for authors, bloggers, and other booklovers with a web presence to support your Long Distance Local Bookstore while earning a commission for yourself.  The process is simple, and once you're enrolled and the links are placed on your website, you don't have to do a thing!

How Do I Become a Brilliant Books Affiliate?

1. You will need to have a qualifying website, such as a blog or other personal site, to become an affiliate.  You will also need to to be logged in to your Brilliant Books profile on our webpage.  Click the Sign Up button to log in, or create a profile if you don't have one.

2. Fill out the Brilliant Books Affiliate Program Application, taking care to read the Affiliate Program Agreement.  Please allow several business days for us to review your application after it's submitted.  Brilliant Books reserves both the right to decline your application and accept a re-application at a future date.

3. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with more details, including a link to your Affiliate Center Dashboard.

4. From the Affiliate Center Dashboard, you can generate the HTML code you will need to create affiliate links on your website.  You can use a general banner link, which already exists, or you can select any item on our site and create a unique link for it to feature on your website.  No matter which kind of links you place on your site, when your visitors click on them, they're directed to the Brilliant Books website, where they can order books, read interesting articles, get information about store events, and more.  All items ordered by visitors that come to Brilliant Books directly by way of these affiliate links are tracked, so you will receive a 5% flat commission for any sales that result.

5. Track your link clicks and earnings by visiting your Affiliate Center Dashboard.  Payments are made at the end of each quarter once your total earnings have reached a minimum of $50.00.  Your earnings are cumulative—if you don't earn $50.00 in one quarter, the money remains in your account until you do.

Why Should I Join?

When you join the Brilliant Books Affiliate Program, you're expanding our community, not only by joining yourself, but by introducing new people to the independent alternative to Amazon.  Visitors from your website who shop with Brilliant Books online get to experience the knowledge and passion of our expert booksellers, plus they gain access to information and news about authors, store events, our latest recommendations, and a database of over five million titles, any of which you can feature on your own site at any time.

And, of course, there are the financial incentives.  Once the links are placed on your site, you will continue to earn 5% of any sales that result from visitors clicking them without ever having to do anything else.

What If I Still Have Questions?

If you need help or more information, check out our Affiliate Program FAQ page, or contact us at  Please keep in mind that while we try to be as accommodating and helpful as we can, we can't provide one-on-one tech support or troubleshooting if you're having problems placing the links on your website.