All About Wish Lists!

Did you know that the Brilliant Books website allows you to create wish lists?  These are perfect for keeping track of books you're interested in, for special events like baby showers and birthdays, or for school events like fundraisers, book fairs, and classroom library book drives.  Create a separate wish list for each of your interests, and control the privacy settings for each.  You can add books to your lists any time, either individually as you're browsing the site, or by uploading them in bulk.  Wish lists can be shared with friends and family, set to expire on certain date, and even made public so they're searchable.  Here's what you need to know to get your wish list up and running.

1. Create an account

Wish lists are only available for customers with an account on the Brilliant Books site.  An account is completely free and easy to create.  Get started here.

2. Set up your wish list

When you first log in, you're taken to your account home page (also accessible at the top of the screen beside the log out option).  This page allows you to access all your information, from shipping and billing addresses and previous orders to, of course, your wish list.  Click on the wish list tab to get started setting up your list.

On your wish list page, you have lots of options to create, customize, and share your lists.  If you want a list to be searchable, make sure your name is set correctly, or give your wish list a unique title that will make it easy to find.  You can also email your lists directly to friends and family, or grab a shareable link, which is perfect for announcing fundraiser wish lists or book drives.

3. Add books

There are two ways to add items to your wish list.  The primary way to add items as you're browsing is directly from their product pages.  Beside the "Add to Cart" button is an "Add to Wish List" option.  When you click this, you'll be asked which wish list you'd like to add this book to.  You even have the option to start a new list to work with.  To remove books from your list, visit your wish list home page.



If you're working with an existing list of books, such as for a book drive event, you can also add books using their ISBN.  This is the 13-digit code that's unique to each book, printed on its barcode or available in its description on our site.  Paste these into the Bulk Upload window and click "save" to update your entire list.  Removing ISBNs from this window will also remove them from your list.  An example is shown at right.



4. Searching for wish lists

Any wish list that has not passed its expiration date, and which is not set to private, is searchable on our site.  You can access the wish list search function by hovering over the search tab in the main menu and selecting the "Find a Wish List" option.  You can search using a person's name, email address, or part or all of the wish list title.  Can't find what you're looking for?  Send us an email and let us know!