Artist Glenn Wolff at Brilliant Books

Friday, January 25th, 2018

We've been a fan of Glenn Wolff for years.  In fact, we loved his work as an illustrator so much that we started carrying his artwork on posters and postcards as well.  When our 10th Anniversary rolled around, we wanted to create something special to mark the occasion, and reached out to Glenn to see what he thought about lending his skills to the task. 

"I was really flattered," he said of the request.  "It's an honor to be a part of this."  Together, we worked to pair just the right art with just the right item.  We thought about totes or posters, but what we really wanted was something that could be part of our customers everyday life in the same way they'd become part of ours.  Then it hit us: what goes together better than books and coffee?  An anniversary mug was clearly the way to go!  Glenn set to work on the design, and we started looking for a production company that could do it justice.

The end result is, we feel, nothing short of brilliant!  We opted for an oversized mug, which features a matte black finish to showcase Glenn's artwork: an original, bookish design based on his painting Blue Loon.  Not only is it beautiful and unique, it's also representative of what we do at Brilliant Books: provide a platform to showcase the best of what Northwest Michigan has to offer.

The Glenn Wolff mugs are available now, both in-store and online!

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