Battle of the Books 2021

The Battle of the Books is a book-based quiz competition for fourth and fifth graders in the Grand Traverse community. Kids read incredible stories together and then experience heart-pounding moments in competition.

The winning team is rewarded with the Championship VIP Prize!

Teams also have a chance to win prizes for sportsmanship, team spirit, most creative team name, and more. 


The 2021 Championship Battle is scheduled for 2pm on Sunday, March 14th.  Good luck, finalists!

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Battle of the Books has Book Group status here at Brilliant Books, which means that participants receive a 20% discount on all required reading!  Just mention that you're purchasing for a Battle of the Books participant or team, whether online, over the phone, or right here in-store, and we'll apply your discount!



Learn more about Battle of the Books on their official website.