Want Us to Carry Your Book?


Are you an author?  Enjoy our selection?  Want to be a part of it?



Here's what you need to know!


We receive a lot of book submissions - sometimes five or more per day!  Part of what keeps our selection so wonderful is the careful consideration given to the titles we carry. Individual author submissions take a fairly significant amount of time to consider.  With that in mind, we put together this handy guide and some requirements for books that we might consider carrying:

What your book must have

  • Books must have an independent editor.  Please let us know who that is.
  • Books must also have independent reviews.  Please include links to these in your submission.
    Note: Reviews on Amazon, or your friend's blog are not "independent reviews". They are notoriously easy to forge, and up to one third of all on-line reviews are said to be bogus. Printed reviews only please.
  • Books must have an ISBN. Please include it in your submission

What we'll need to know

  • What are your terms of sale? What discount are you offering retailers to carry your book?
  • Are your books available on consignment or only wholesale? Consignment is more likely to get you shelf space. We'll buy books after an initial successful consignment period.
  • Where can we source your books?  Do we work directly with you? Do we go through a distributor (Ingram or Partners), or directly to the publisher or press?
  • Where else is your book offered?  In other places locally?  Online?

What you should avoid

  • Please don't send us your book unsolicited. We do not consider unsolicited books.
  • Please do not call the store to pitch your book.
    While we would love to be able to discuss every one of the 25,000+ titles we carry in stock at any time, we simply don't have the resources to do that.
    Thank you for your understanding.

Please send all of the appropriate answers and information requested above to life@Brilliant-Books.net for consideration.
We'll get back to you once we have reviewed your information.

Sorry, but incomplete submissions will not be considered.


Thank you.