Behind the Scenes of Brilliant Books Monthly

Friday, March 17th, 2017

When you first subscribe to Brilliant Books Monthly, we send a little welcome packet, complete with a reading preference card for you to fill out and send back.  What happens next feels a little bit like magic: you drop your finished card in the mail and, before long, your first hand-picked selection appears at your doorstep, a book chosen just for you by an expert bookseller.  But what's really going on behind the scenes?  We'll let you in on a little bit of the magic and show you what it takes to turn that simple card into the best year of reading you've ever had.

1.  The Card Arrives

When you drop that card into the mail, your work is done and ours is just beginning.  Once your card arrives back at the shop, the first thing we do is scan it into our database to make sure that even if something happens to the card, your preferences aren't lost.  It's also a lot easier to run a computer search to pull up your information than it is to search through our card files, but we always keep them on hand, just in case.

2.  A Perfect Pair

Once we've had a chance to look at your preferences, your subscription will be matched with a bookseller.  Each of our booksellers has their own area of expertise.  If you're a sci-fi and fantasy fan, Jodie's your man.  Love a quirky, literary read?  Jack will find just the right one.  Our children's book expert, Sara, handles selections for young readers.  No matter what kinds of books you love, we've got a bookseller who knows the best new titles coming out and the hidden gems you may have missed.

3.  Caution: Brilliant Brains at Work

Now for the fun part...which is also the hard part.  Your assigned bookseller will read through your preferences and ponder.  What have you read?  Which books did you like best?  What writing styles are most appealing?  Have you requested something specific?  A lot of thought goes into choosing each and every book, and it's not just a matter of roaming the shelves in our shop.  While we carefully curate the books we keep in stock, our store is only so big, and we don't want to put limits on what our booksellers can choose.  If it's in print and available in the right format (paperback, hardcover, or large print, for example), we'll go the extra mile to get that perfect book for you. 

4.  The Selection

The glorious aha moment!  The perfect book.  It might be a bestseller or an obscure title only an expert could have recommended, but it's just the right book for you.  After so much careful consideration, it's a great feeling to finally find the right title, but as great as it is, it's only our second-favorite part of the process.  The best part is getting feedback from you telling us we've nailed it, or giving us suggestions to make our next pick even better.

4.  Packing it Up

Once we've got your book chosen, it's time to get it packed up and ready to roll.  Our high-school intern handles most of our packing and has it down to an artform.  She can get a single book, and all the goodies we send along with it, packed and labeled in less than 30 seconds.

5.  On Its Way!

Your book joins the others waiting to start their journey back to eager readers across the country and around the world.  Not only do we have subscribers in several different countries, we can also send selections to deployed military personnel wherever they may be stationed.  In fact, we send out so many hand-selected Brilliant Books Monthly titles that our local Post office sends a van just to collect them all!

From our attention to your individual reading preferences to the time our booksellers take to make sure each selection is just right, it's clear that Brilliant Books Monthly isn't your average book subscription box.  Our delighted subscribers agree.  Make this year the best year of reading you've ever had.

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