The Biggest Book Fair Ever!

One of the things we're missing out on this spring is the chance to host on-site book fairs with our local schools.  Not only is it a ton of fun for young readers (and our booksellers!), it's an important way for schools to support their library and classroom book collections.  So we've decided to hold the biggest, most Brilliant Book Fair EVER!  It's not just in support of one school, classroom, or library.  We're supporting ALL our local schools!

How it works:
For every $25 you spend on books for students, teachers, or libraries, we'll give $5 toward books to the Northwest Michigan school or library of your choice!  All you need to do is specify that the purchase is being given to students (yes, all school-aged young readers count!), or donated to a school or library, and give us the name and address of the school or library you'd like your contribution to support.  The more you give, the more we'll give!  We'll keep this going for the duration of quarantine, and when it's over, send every school and library a certificate with their total donation.


Can I buy books for one school and donate the credit to another?
Of course!  Just let us know where you'd like the donated funds to go, and we'll see that it gets there.


What items are eligible?
Almost every book counts toward this book fair fundraiser. The only exceptions are books that are not available to us at publishers' usual wholesale rates (e.g. books of limited print runs or which are difficult to find).


What schools and libraries can I nominate?
Northwest Michigan public and private schools at any level are eligible, as are public and school-affiliated libraries in the same area.  All you need to provide is the name and address when you place your order.  Unfortunately, our staff are spread too thin to track down past orders to calculate donations, so please make sure you've added the required information as a comment on your order before you place it.  All qualifying orders starting April 21, 2020, are eligible (orders must contain eligible books to qualify.  See above for eligibility requirements).


What if I'm buying from an existing "online book fair?"
We have existing partnerships with several schools that earn a commission on sales.  Those arrangements still stand, so if you're buying via one of those book fair links, no need to further elaborate on where you'd like to donate.


Do my membership or subscriber discounts apply?
Just as at on-site book fairs, the discounts to which you are generally entitled don't apply here.


When will the students, teachers, or schools receive the books I've purchased?
We'll process those orders immediately and get the books on their way as soon as possible.  We're seeing delays throughout the system right now due to safety precautions and increased demand, but these orders will receive the same attention as all your purchases with Brilliant Books.


When will schools receive their donations?
Soon, hopefully!  Our goal is to keep this book fair running for the duration of quarantines to earn as much as possible for these schools, but even if this drags on, we'll make sure to do a first round of disbursements by the time the new school year begins at the start of September, 2020.