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Greenspire High School Classroom

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We've worked with the Greenspire School for years, and when we heard they were expanding their spaces and programming for high school students, we were thrilled to do what we could to help.  As a Project Based Learning school, Greenspire encourages students to be actively involved in the school community, including selecting books for their expanding library.  This wish list is the result of one such student project, carefully crafted and curated with the help of the Greenspire faculty.​​​​​

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When checking out:  Choose the option for in-store pickup (don't worry about a shipping address).  And use the discount code GREENSPIRE in order to get 20% off on books for the Greenspire High School Library!


Books have the power to shape lives, open doors, and make us feel seen.  But not everyone has the same access to literature.  This is part of a series of book drives we're holding to make great books more accessible.  If you know of a school, retirement home, hospitality house, youth program, or other organization that could benefit from a book drive, reach out!  We'd love to hear from you.

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