Book Drive for Ms Mendoza's Classroom

A selfie: In a bright classroom, Ms Mendoza, with medium brown skin and long  black hair, smiles behind a mask.  To her right is a line of small children wearing paper graduation caps and masks.

Help us support our friend Ms Mendoza and her students!

We're holding a book drive to supply Ms Mendoza's classroom with great, diverse stories.  If you support her class by buying books off of her wish list, we'll cover 20% of the purchase price, and then collect and ship all the books to her classroom for free!

From Ms. Mendoza:

"My name is Adriana Mendoza and I am a proud third year Kindergarten teacher at Cornelius Elementary in Oregon. I am in my dream job teaching kids that look like me the magic of learning and loving who they are! Books are the key to achieving that! I can’t wait to create beautiful memories for my students this year especially in these unprecedented times. Thank you for your support!"

Shop the Wish List

When checking out:  Choose the option for in-store pickup (don't worry about a shipping address).  And use the discount code MSMENDOZA in order to get 20% off on books for Ms Mendoza's class!



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