This Season in Book Fairs

Brilliant Books has had the pleasure of running school book fairs for quite a while now.  It's always so much fun to share our favorite books & activities with teachers, parents, and students — all while raising money for the school libraries!

However, this fall book fair season has been an extra special season.  We've raised more money than ever before (a grand total of  $6,421!), and have continuously broken the record for money raised in a single book fair.  We had more schools sign up than ever before, and have even had to defer some to the spring fair season.  This has been such an incredible way to come back from a two-year long hiatus on in-person book fairs.

Book fair photograph

When Covid hit, we had to put all on-site book fairs on hold.  There was to be no more heading to schools to set up the book displays.  No more basking in the smile on a young reader's face as they discover the perfect new read.  But we didn't spend our time idly.

During our book fair hiatus, we spent a lot of time planning for our future book fairs.  We expanded our online book fair options.  We brought in new fixtures for book fair displays, allowing us to offer more titles.  We even upgraded our transportation system.  Gone are the days of building book fairs out of boxes in booksellers' trunks: now we rent a 15' box truck so that we can get all our books and equipment onsite easily and efficiently!

Book fair setup

It feels so wonderful to have finished our first book fair season in years — and to see such enthusiasm for our return.  Heather, a school librarian at Eastern, told us: "We've had many compliments from staff and families, and the excitement it creates for books from students is wonderful!  We appreciate all you do from set-up to cashiering and tear down; these are long days and we are grateful for all of your efforts.  We're looking forward to having you back in the spring!"

Thanks to the folks at Eastern Elementary, Long Lake Elementary, West Middle School, and Birch Street Elementary (of Kalkaska Public Schools) for hosting our book fairs — and thanks to all the parents and students who came out to support us and school libraries!  We're looking forward to another brilliant fair season in the spring.



More about Brilliant book fairs:

With our book fairs, we strive to provide quality, breadth, and personalization while keeping events easy and hands-off for school staff!  Book fairs can be on-site, online, or a combination of the two — and 25% of all book fair sales go back to the school.

We like to adapt book fair lists for each school so that your selection is as tailored to you as possible.  When building a book fair list, we consider age range, club and class reading lists, and any requests you have!  We provide books from a range of publishers, and make sure to include a range of prices so that there's something for everyone.  In addition to books, we also include a curated selection of non-book items, with a focus on quality, creativity, and educational value.

It's incredibly important to us that book fairs be easy for school staff.  Teachers, librarians, and other school staff already do so much for future generations, and we thinking it's important that we reduce the school's stress and work.  We handle all set-up, staffing, and breakdown, and even provide advertising materials and wish lists for teachers and students, so that book fairs can be as easy as possible.

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