Tragic to Magic: Beyond Suffering with the Akashic Records (Paperback)

Tragic to Magic: Beyond Suffering with the Akashic Records By Chris Wilson Cover Image
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The Akashic Records, the ancient library of the soul, are getting a twenty-first century make-over. More than a repository of past life information, they are a source of healing and high vibrational energy that we can use to transform every aspect of our lives. With the help of the Akashic Records we can come home to our true soul nature and create lives of joy and peace. A powerful tool in the process of planetary ascension, they can move us from fear to love, from pain to joy, from victimhood to freedom.

Chris Wilson updates us on her heartwarming family story and how life has gone from 'Tragic to Magic, ' since her first book, 'The Magic of the Akashic Records.'

She discusses her work in the Records and shares true stories of client sessions where she facilitates healing on a deep soul level and accesses the body's potential for physical healing, rejuvenation and more. She shares what she has learned and what she now teaches others.

As a portal to Fifth Dimensional quantum energy, the Akashic Records have the potential to take humanity beyond suffering forever. Weaving Science and Spirituality together in a way that is easy to understand, Chris looks at the attributes of the Quantum Field and how it is working in tandem with our rapidly changing consciousness, to create and configure a new planet. Positive and uplifting, 'Tragic to Magic, ' shares the bigger picture of what is happening on Earth personally and collectively and how our current global crisis is preparing the way for a much better world.

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ISBN: 9780473588748
ISBN-10: 0473588749
Publisher: Akashic Records
Publication Date: November 1st, 2021
Pages: 272
Language: English