Cardiovascular Haemodynamics and Doppler Waveforms Explained (Paperback)

Cardiovascular Haemodynamics and Doppler Waveforms Explained Cover Image
By Crispian Oates (Editor)
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Doppler ultrasound is now a widely used and important first-line investigative tool that provides a non-invasive way of assessing problems with blood flow. This book provides the necessary understanding of the physical principles of blood flow in the body to produce clear and diagnostically secure scans. Blood flow is a dynamic process that is affected by many factors and this book looks in detail at how these factors affect any particular Doppler waveform. Emphasis is given to the practical application of the principles used in obtaining and interpreting Doppler scans in clinical practice and much use is made of clear, explanatory line diagrams and real Doppler images to aid understanding throughout.

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ISBN: 9780521734738
ISBN-10: 0521734738
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: June 9th, 2008
Pages: 192
Language: English