Negotiating While Black: Be Who You Are to Get What You Want (Hardcover)

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A real-world, one-of-a-kind resource for anyone who has ever been underestimated, overlooked, or misunderstood at the negotiating table.

There’s no shortage of negotiation books that advise you to “get to yes,” urge you to “never split the difference,” and push you to “ask for more.” But these one-size-fits-all negotiation techniques disregard the reality of our complex, multifaceted, multicultural world, where snap judgements are made based on perceived differences. When bias lies behind every negotiation, the only constant is you. Learn to leverage who you are—and gain the upperhand.

Negotiating While Black is the indispensable guide that lawyer and mediator Damali Peterman wishes had existed earlier, as she navigated workplaces as the only Black woman, advocated for her children attending predominantly white schools, and mediated countless other bias-ridden settings. Drawing on these experiences together with decades of wisdom as a trained negotiator in high-stakes situations, Peterman has developed successful strategies notably absent from other top negotiation books—tactics that work for all people, no matter your identity. From the Foundational Five skills to the Negotiation Superpowers, these tried-and-true techniques will lift you to the next level of winning.

Whether negotiating in the boardroom or in everyday life, Peterman shows how everything is potentially up for discussion—even when stakes (and emotions) are high. You can’t control bias, but by being yourself, you actually have a better shot at getting what you want. Because when you arrive prepared and proud of who you are, you’ll reap the rewards.

About the Author

Damali Peterman is a highly regarded and sought-after lawyer, mediator, negotiator, educator, and speaker with nearly twenty years of experience in the alternative dispute resolution field. She is the founder and CEO of two successful, award-winning companies—Breakthrough ADR and Damali Law. Peterman currently lives outside of New York City with her husband, two young sons, and their dog.

Praise For…

"We are ALL negotiators, whether we realize it or not. Whether we're buying a car, applying for a loan, asking for a raise, or advocating for a loved one, we're negotiating all day, every day. This groundbreaking, powerful book teaches us how to actually ask for what we want—and sidestep any built-in bias we might encounter along the way. In Negotiating While Black, Damali Peterman shows that the only constant in every negotiation is you…and that's more than enough." —Tiffany Aliche, author of Get Good With Money

Negotiating While Black is a real-world, everyday guide to getting what you want in any situation. Whether you’re trying to haggle for a new car (ugh!) or advocating for yourself and your loved ones, there’s invaluable information in here that will help you show up as yourself—and leverage that to your advantage, every time.” —Sunny Hostin, cohost of The View

“Damali Peterman knows that how we’re perceived can shape our ability to negotiate, so she avoids the one-size-fits-all trap that most negotiation advisors fall prey to. We’re all individuals, so our style needs to reflect what’s true for us—while taking into account the wrongheaded assumptions others may make. Negotiating While Black offers ideas that can help everyone: Distinguishing what you want from what you need, being authentic without oversharing, the how of avoiding defensive spirals that keep us stuck. Damali's insights on getting someone to listen even when they are biased are a revelation. Highly recommended!” —Sally Helgesen, author of How Women Rise

"Negotiating While Black offers essential advice to anyone who has felt underestimated in a negotiation." —Douglas Stone, coauthor of Difficult Conversations and Thanks for the Feedback

Negotiating While Black fills in so many of the gaps in negotiation literature, making something that can often seem esoteric feel practical and doable. Peterman centers the reader, reminding each of us that being ourselves is our greatest superpower. This book is a gift and a guide to anyone who has been underestimated or othered.” —Elaine Lin Hering, author of Unlearning Silence

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