Chicken Keeping Pure and Simple: A Fun, Friendly Guide to Backyard Chicken Keeping (Paperback)

Chicken Keeping Pure and Simple: A Fun, Friendly Guide to Backyard Chicken Keeping By Nikki Husted Cover Image
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Get started keeping chickens in your own backyard with this down-to-earth guide by popular chicken-fluencer Nikki Husted (@purelychickens).

Keeping chickens can look almost glamorous online. It’s all beautiful chickens, cute baby chicks, and coops that look nice enough to spend the night in. The reality is that keeping chickens is rewarding—but also a lot of work and, well, poop cleanup. If you follow her online, you already know that Nikki shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of this popular hobby. In her first book, she remains unfiltered while she shares the essential techniques and helpful stories from her own experience with backyard chickens. That’s right: you can learn from her own successes and mistakes! Chicken Keeping Pure and Simple addresses: 
  • Where to start: What are the rules for keeping chickens in your area? What do you need to get started? How many chickens do you need? (Be wary of chicken math!) And more considerations to both stoke and temper your excitement.
  • Giving chickens what they need: There are serious things you should consider before you start raising your chickens, from monthly costs to time requirements. Do you have what it takes?
  • Eggs, chicks, pullets, and hens Deciding between eggs, chicks, pullets, or hens as your starting point is about more than just cute baby chicks (though don’t we all love cute baby chicks?).
  • The bonding process: Learn how to raise your chickens and integrate them with your family, including kids!
  • What to do with all the eggs: A handful of recipes for making the most of your bounty, including water glass eggs, pickled eggs, and a few family favorites for breakfast and dinner.
  • All about the coop: How to set up and maintain a coop, including the process of cleaning.   
  • Medical needs: Dealing with common injuries, common pests/parasites, and advice from a vet. 

With instructive photos and helpful tips throughout, this is the perfect book whether you’re just getting started with chickens or still dreaming of your first flock!

About the Author

Nikki Husted is a former public school teacher who “dropped out of school” to live the homesteader life with her family. While she enjoys gardening, composting, and canning, her primary focus is on chicken keeping. After she started sharing her adventures online, she quickly found a community of like-minded chicken keepers and homesteaders on TikTok, where she posts as Purely Chickens. Find her online as @purelychickens or at her website:

Praise For…

“As a beginner-to-intermediate chicken keeper myself, I believe Nikki's book is a fantastic rundown of everything you need to know to welcome these incredible animals to your life and garden. Highly recommended!”
 —Kevin Espiritu, founder of Epic Gardening

“Nikki truly makes chicken keeping simple! Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been keeping chickens for generations, there’s something you can learn from this book. Nikki does a fantastic job of making chicken keeping approachable for everyone. She shares common problems you may run into and the simplest methods for fixing them or preventing them. To put it simply: This book is egg-cellent!”
 —Krissy Ellis, Dunkin Ducks

“If you want to add chickens to your homestead or expand your existing flock, Nikki has laid out a roadmap filled with useful and practical information to raise chickens successfully. From breeds, eggs, health, and everything in between, you will finish this book feeling equipped with the knowledge you need to tackle chicken keeping.”

Jill Ragan, founder of Whispering Willow Farm and author of The Tiny But Mighty Farm

“Packed full of essential information, Nikki’s practical wisdom and joy shines through on every page.”
 —Kate Flood, a.k.a. Compostable Kate

“In Chicken Keeping Pure and Simple, Nikki has perfectly encapsulated the joy of raising chickens in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Beginning chicken enthusiasts and experienced homesteaders alike are sure to pick up new tools, skills, and recipes from this in-depth guide to chicken keeping. This book is on my must-have list for anyone looking to get started!”
 —Noah Young, owner of The Shiloh Farm

Chicken Keeping Pure and Simple is a good book for those beginning their chicken-keeping journey. Nikki’s writing style is friendly and straightforward as she shares stories about her experience keeping chickens with her family on their small homestead. She discusses topics such as incubating and hatching eggs, brooding chicks, integrating new birds into an existing flock, and helping children understand and care for chickens. General coop design considerations, chicken health, feeding, and safety requirements are also covered in Chicken Keeping Pure and Simple, making it a well-rounded guide.”—Marie Nichols, blog editor-in-chief, Meyer Hatchery

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ISBN: 9780760381533
ISBN-10: 0760381534
Publisher: Cool Springs Press
Publication Date: May 30th, 2023
Pages: 176
Language: English