Helping Hands (Paperback)

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By Kimit Rai, Claire Nicol (Contribution by)
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This is a story of resilience, survival, and struggle; of appreciating how multi-storied our lives are; and to bearing witness to the alternating themes of economics, religion, and gender issues.

Kimit Rai was born in a time of political turmoil and generational trauma. He knew the feeling of losing freedom, and losing family members; he understood the value of proactive thinking, foresight, and value of action. Through life experiences, Dr. Rai faced choices that would mark not only his own future, but also the future of hundreds more. He ultimately created connections across the world, sharing how stories can motivate people to accomplish and share good things.

Since the creation of Operation Rainbow Canada, the organization has treated over 2000 children over the world and built great relationship with the host countries and Canada. There are no cultural, economic, or multiracial barriers in this venture. Just the drive to do the common good of helping another human being....

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ISBN: 9781525570247
ISBN-10: 1525570242
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: May 29th, 2020
Pages: 120
Language: English