The Scarlet Letter (Paperback)

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Inspired by current cultural movements and the new wave of feminism, these releases of classic books feature strong female protagonists who must navigate difficult situations involving class and power, love and loss, sex and family, independence and societal norms, and more.

From the front flap: "Hester Prynne's sporting a big red A on her dress, and everybody knows what that means: that girl messed around even though she's got a rock on her finger. She's put on blast while her bae's still in hiding, and then there's also this creep lurking around... It's pretty obvs that something shady's going on."

Z Lit Classics revives some of the most beloved works in classic literature in a luxe, eye-catching paperback format to appeal to the Generation Z buyer, though these timeless stories will appeal to anyone interested in the female experience throughout history. Each book also comes with a tearaway bookmark hidden inside the back flap.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781613825433
ISBN-10: 1613825439
Publisher: Simon & Brown
Publication Date: September 29th, 2018
Pages: 182
Language: English