Invasion of the Unicorns (Hardcover)

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He's just a cute little unicorn who wants to take over the world.

Special Agent Bubble07 is undercover on planet Earth. His mission: to decide whether his team of alien unicorns should invade Earth. Posing as a stuffed animal, he infiltrates the home of Earthling Daughter, where he puts up with dog slobber, tea parties, and show and tell. Will the unicorn blow his cover and call for backup? Or will his alien heart be won over by storytime, snow days, and snuggles?

About the Author

David Biedrzycki is the author and illustrator of the Breaking News series, the Ace Lacewing, Bug Detective series, and the Me and My Dragon series. He has been creating illustrations for book publishers, advertising agencies, magazines, and design firms since 1980. His art has graced the cover of KidSoft magazine, New England Aquarium billboards and children's software packaging, such as "The Amazon Trail" and "Odell Down Under." David has collaborated with children's author Jerry Pallotta on The Beetle Alphabet Book, The Boat Alphabet Book, and The Freshwater Alphabet Book. He grew up in Pennsylvania and now lives in Massachusetts with his wife and three children.

Praise For…

♦ When an alien unicorn descends to Earth, its mission morphs from embedded surveillance of an Earth family to just plain fun.
Bubble07’s log entries, addressed “Dear Fearless Leader,” comprise the narration. “You were right. We look exactly like the toy animals here.” Should the unicorn army invade Earth? To find out, Bubble07 wriggles into an arcade’s glass box full of plushy prizes and gets hooked by a dad for his daughter. (Dad and daughter present Black; mom, seen later, is a woman of color.) About Earthling Daughter, Bubble07 reports: “She loves her toys. She loves them to pieces! Some are missing their eyeballs. Is this going to happen to me?” Biedrzycki’s expert illustrations form a hilarious counterpoint to the alien’s clueless reportage. They begin in grayscale, accented by Bubble07’s otherworldly streams of neon-hued sparkles, as the spy experiences family camping and “show and share” at school. The jealous family sheepdog tries to bury Bubble07 in the backyard, but revenge is sweet: At night, discovering “amazing” peanut butter cookies, the spy leaves the empty bag next to the sleeping dog. “Fearless Leader…I must get this cookie recipe for our planet.” By Day 50, a snow day, full-color spreads depict the unicorn integrating into family life, experiencing Earthling Daughter’s birthday, cuddly bedtime stories, and a sick day as stand-in comfort animal. On the home planet, Bubble07’s final report recommends: “forget the invasion and send more of us to Earth for… / …a Unicorn Vacation!”
Simply delightful (with a wry final twist).
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Tasked with determining if Earth is ripe for invasion by the unicorn army, Secret Agent Bubble07, looking exactly like a toy stuffed unicorn, infiltrates an arcade claw machine and is soon brought home by a clueless Earthling child. Humans are a confusing bunch, Bubble07 reports to the unicorns’ Fearless Leader, letting dirty furry animals into their home, riding on a yellow transport with other noisy Earthlings, and sitting around a fire eating “something called Sa-morrs.” By day 32, the agent is ready to call in a rescue—but wait: then there’s snow, and cake, and bedtime stories, and hugs, and maybe Earth isn’t so bad after all. This is a playful little tale with a touch of ironic humor, and Bubble07’s dutiful reporting makes a amusing contrast to the visual details. The illustrations are compellingly structured, as the book begins in mostly black and white, echoing a mixture of Brian Selznick’s graceful shading with Dan Santat’s goofy cartooning, and then carefully moves into a world of color with unicorn pastels and cheerful pops of brightness. While some human figures are stiff and awkward, the stubby-legged, slightly poofy unicorn and their brown-skinned Earthling child make an adorable pair. This is clever in its sweetness, and sharp-eyed viewers will enjoy catching the occasionally appearing llama who mischievously eyes the audience throughout the book, perhaps on a mission of reconnaissance as well.
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ISBN: 9781623542726
ISBN-10: 1623542723
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Publication Date: October 19th, 2021
Pages: 40
Language: English