League of Secrets: Echoes of Past Lives Book Two (Paperback)

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They were hacking their brains...

...and created a mind loop.

Were they becoming too powerful too quickly?

In a world where reincarnation is not only the norm, but people can remember details of their past lives, those who can remember the most have an edge in life. Jay's friend Carlos believes he's figured out a way to learn more about their old lives.

But is there a cost?

Twila appears to be at a disadvantage. Her memories should be fewer than most, but she has a secret, and it may give her an edge unlike anything they've seen before.

Are they all on a path to self-destruction?

From a bizarre dictator to a powerful talk show host, the cast of players in this twist filled adventure will keep you guessing. Everyone has an agenda. Nobody can be trusted.

Are Jay and his friends in danger?

You'll love this second installment in the Echoes of Past Lives series, because the quest for knowledge is the ultimate race for power.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781732296466
ISBN-10: 1732296464
Publisher: Gazebo Bookworks
Publication Date: January 21st, 2021
Pages: 306
Language: English