Bogeys: Armistice: Part One (Hardcover)

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When the United States reluctantly enters the First World War, American Glenn Langley follows his fascination with flying to become a pilot in Europe. Joining the Army forces him to leave behind his football days at Brown University, but provides an escape from his oppressive Rhode Island father. Glenn enters the danger and horror of battle in search of purpose, a future of his own making, not the one his father has planned. He eludes death every day in the skies above France as the war nears its conclusion. When he survives a crash into a French pasture, he can't know his life will change forever.

In a farmhouse so close to the trenches she smells the products of battle every day, beautiful young Marie Duval is not your average damsel in waiting. The Great War claims many dear family members and suitors, leaving her to manage what remains of the family farm. Already caring for one downed British pilot, now another handsome Allied airman drops from the sky into her pasture. While nursing the two pilots, the nearby village of Bonsant learns of the Armistice, and suddenly, the future is brighter.

Or is it? What happens to wartime relationships when the fighting stops?

Bogeys: Armistice is the first book in the Bogeys aviation-centered early Twentieth-century series.

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ISBN: 9781733423427
ISBN-10: 1733423427
Publisher: Three Nineteens Publishing
Publication Date: April 23rd, 2020
Pages: 404
Language: English