Leukemia: From Diagnosis to Winning the Battle (Paperback)

Leukemia: From Diagnosis to Winning the Battle Cover Image
By Ryan Woelfel, Connie Kouba (Designed by), MD Robert Brian Berryman (Foreword by)
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You're a young 24-year-old, three months out of college, working as a Systems Engineer for a company, at a salary you named. You're engaged to be married in a month, closing on a house and on top of the world, and that world has just been turned upside down. You've just been diagnosed with cancer - leukemia. Now what? So much uncertainty. In fact, the only certainty is just how uncertain everything is. But wait. Maybe there's a reason for all this. Maybe some underlying purpose. Maybe this was all part of some greater plan.

This is the personal account of one man's journey from being diagnosed with Leukemia and how he survived this disease. It's an account of perseverance, fear, sorrow, loss, hope, near death, gratitude, perspective, and it's riddled with sex, drugs, rock n' roll, and speckled with a bit of science, education, medicine, and research.

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ISBN: 9781938577055
ISBN-10: 1938577051
Publisher: Kouba Graphics Inc
Publication Date: December 29th, 2017
Pages: 260
Language: English