Alice's Adventures in Underland: The Knight of Shattered Dreams (Paperback)

Alice's Adventures in Underland: The Knight of Shattered Dreams By Deanna Knippling Cover Image
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The real story behind Through the Looking-Glass...

It was a Britain that had been overrun by a plague of zombies.

A Britain that had fought the zombies, not quite won, and yet declared victory.

The rabid dead had been mercifully put down. The less virulently infected were treated with a sort of fungal "tea" that kept their urges to eat their fellow men at bay. With a bit of effort and discipline, one of the Infected could be right as rain.

Oxford don and reluctant member of the undead Charles Dodgson has been banished from the Liddell household at the behest of Dean Henry Liddell's wife, and forbidden the presence of her daughters. Dark accusations against Dodgson abound, fostered by their mother.

But years have passed, the girls have grown, and Mrs. Dodgson orders the girls to have their photographs taken-to display themselves on the marriage market-by one of the premier photographers of the time.

None other than Charles Dodgson, also known as Lewis Carroll.

But Alice does not wish to make things up with her old mentor; she does not wish to be put on the marriage market. What she wishes to is marry her childhood friend, Prince Leopold.

But the Queen does not approve.

All, however, may be moot, as the plague of the Infected once again rises, this time in a more virulent form, and carries away everything before it, like a flood.

A tale of gaslamps, dark fantasy, and gothic horror delights.

Part 2 of Alice's Adventures in Underland. Part 1 is Alice's Adventures in Underland: The Queen of Stilled Hearts.

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ISBN: 9781952198168
ISBN-10: 195219816X
Publisher: Wonderland Press
Publication Date: May 28th, 2019
Pages: 200
Language: English