Cranial, Craniofacial and Skull Base Surgery (Hardcover)

Cranial, Craniofacial and Skull Base Surgery Cover Image
By Paolo Cappabianca (Editor), Luigi Califano (Editor), Giorgio Iaconetta (Editor)
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The Fruits of Reinvention Surgery related to the human head, its compartment and contents has been reinvented over the past 40 years. A number of instruments, most notably the sophisticated medical imaging device and the operating microscope, have principally fueled this evolution. Along the way, endoscopy and sophisticated navigation capabilities have added to the realization of a unique comprehension of normal and abnormal microanatomy permitting corridors and manipu- tions that allow novel strategies for surgery in these highly vital functional areas. Cappabianca, Califano and Iaconetta have created a detailed and fully modern review of methods and strategies related to complex surgery and therapies associated with this robust reinvention. Technical innovations abound Distinguished practitioners of these unique developments in the history of surgical - terprise present these amazing technical exercises. The catalog of these approaches, inst- mentation, techniques, strategies and manipulations is inspiring and stands as a testimony to the remarkable progress that we have witnessed in recent decades. The presentation in truly "modern" and represents in many aspects pinnacles of operative achievement. We must ask ourselves, what will be next? Los Angeles, November 2009 Michael L.J. Apuzzo, M.D., Ph.D (hon) Preface We belong to a lucky and happy generation, living during a period of many dramatic, if not revolutionary, technical and technological innovations, such as the digital era, which have changed and improved our routine surgical practice, together with the quality and quantity of life of our patients.

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ISBN: 9788847011663
ISBN-10: 8847011663
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: March 5th, 2010
Pages: 350
Language: English