The Foraging Cookbook: How to Pick and Cook Wild Food from Nature (Hardcover)

The Foraging Cookbook: How to Pick and Cook Wild Food from Nature Cover Image
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A complete foraging manual on how to gather and use the wild plants of different natural habitats, from mountains and deserts to coastlines and cities.

The new trend in the food world is using natural, gathered plants and materials, including herbs, berries, roots, and barks, to create delicious meals. This practical guide, appealing for both seasoned foragers and those looking to experience this movement for the first time, teaches the reader how to explore different natural habitats to find wild edible ingredients. The manual is divided in twelve chapters, each one studying a specific environment—sea, coastline and beaches; mountains; volcanoes; lakes; the countryside; marshes; and the city—as a result of exploratory trips made directly by the authors.

With an introduction on safety, orientation, equipment, survival, and environmental protection, this book makes a precious guide for all foraging lovers. The 50 original recipes that follow include step-by-step instructions for creating tasty dishes with wild ingredients: marinated dandelion roots with their cream, quail eggs and crunchy leaves, forest broth, risotto with fir and dairy, fir biscuits, and bread with lichen flour are just a few examples of the exquisite natural recipes contained in the volume.

About the Author

Valeria Margherita Mosca is the founder of Wood*ing, the first and only food lab worldwide that focuses exclusively on wild foods. Wood*ing’s work is 60 percent research that flows into different channels such as food, drink, and cosmetics, but also training. Paolo Marazzi is a young but experienced mountaineer; his last successful effort was in Patagonia at the beginning of 2017.

Product Details
ISBN: 9788891815255
ISBN-10: 889181525X
Publisher: Mondadori
Publication Date: October 15th, 2019
Pages: 292
Language: English