Basho and the pattern 5-7-5 (Paperback)

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This essay aims to answer three crucial questions in the field of hokku and haiku:

Is there a justification in the traditional use of the 5-7-5 metre?
To what extent has it been preserved to this day?
And in Bashō, who dignified this poetic work, was his preferred metre?

From a study of the master's hokku, the responses led to various points of analysis.

The book starts with a reflection on the use of the 5-7-5, followed by the academic theses or hypotheses that support, or question, the use of this pattern.
Also included are sections on the use of metrical patterns, particles and caesurae, as well as an introduction to the concept of mora and syllables. Finally, the results of the study of Matsuo Bashō's 5-7-5 are presented.

It is my humble intention that the data, percentages, ideas and references presented in the essay will allow us to know, in greater depth, Bashō's formal inclination and such a recurrent issue of hokku/haiku as its metrical pattern.

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