Dr. Sebi: Cleanse Your Body From Diseases With Powerful Healing Herbs and Afro-Vegan Recipes That Stimulate The Immune System To (Paperback)

Dr. Sebi: Cleanse Your Body From Diseases With Powerful Healing Herbs and Afro-Vegan Recipes That Stimulate The Immune System To By Sebi Academy Cover Image
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★★★ Obtaining all necessary nutrients that our body needs is no simple task in the context of the world that we live in today. As food is highly accessible these days, praising fast meals and processed edibles grants us with instant satisfaction... but only at the expense of our own health...★★★

People stick up to certain eating patterns and lifestyles for extended periods. But when they start feeling unwell or issues arise, they reach out to doctors, instead of reflecting on their habits and how they fuel their bodies.

In fact, with the variety of choices in local supermarkets, we've pushed ourselves away from our roots and stopped betting on natural products, drawing us closer to the habitat of our ancestors.

Have you thought about why our predecessors were generally strong and healthy?

The Answer to This Question (and Not Only ) Will Be Found in Dr. Sebi's Insightful Book: His Guidelines and Eating Lifestyle Have a Tremendously Positive Impact, Helping People Around The Globe Put Different Kind of Diseases in Reverse Gear, Lower Blood Pressure and Boost Longevity

With the help of This Book, you will:

  • Reveal Dr. Sebi's Secrets that will thoroughly explain his approach to nurturing the body (how to heal and recover without spending your money on medicine)
  • Find Out Which Are The Best Natural Foods that will aid you in the battle against Diabetes (and use their restoring powers to reverse the disease)
  • Go Through 1-Week of Detoxing and free your body from all microbes that have been creeping for a long time (this exercise will lay the foundation of all other benefits you will experience by following the principles of the book)
  • Try Out Different Exotic Afro-Vegan Recipes that will not only boost your immune system but will also bring amazing flavors and textures (Little Banana-Maple Pecan Cornbread Muffins... Sounds intriguing, doesn't it?)
  • Discover The Magical Effect of Herbs and learn which of these would help you the most (the result of combining them with the right dietary choices may be astonishing)
  • ... And Much More

You might want to choose this diet either to prevent diseases or to cure yourself of one...

Either way, it would be sensible taking on this kind of a lifestyle, since it can provide so many health-benefiting outcomes. The food choices, prescribed in Dr. Sebi's studies put emphasis on natural and non-GMO goods, leaving scuffed with chemical products and expensive medical care aside.

This book also shares decent advice on the best practices to avoid diseases. If you still not believe in this opportunity, then you might get convinced of the special bonus chapter in which celebrities share their experience and incredible obtained results thanks to the natural remedies of Dr. Sebi

Are You Ready To Live Happily Ever After...?

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ISBN: 9798705321568
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 6th, 2021
Pages: 266
Language: English