This War of Brothers: The American Civil War in Sonnets (Paperback)

This War of Brothers: The American Civil War in Sonnets By Mark Massey Cover Image
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The American Civil War is one of the most well-known historical events in human history. It has been studied, replayed and written about so many times that it seemed futile to write another book about it; especially a book of poetry. But its story has yet to be presented in this form.

Each of the fifteen chapters in this book is displayed in the format of heroic crowns of sonnets. A heroic crown of sonnets is a specific style of poetry consisting of a collection or series of fourteen sonnets interlocked by the last line of each becoming the first line of the sonnet that immediately follows, with the fifteenth sonnet being comprised by the last line of each of the other fourteen. This book is the collection of fourteen heroic crowns linked together with the final, or fifteenth, being comprised of the last sonnet of each of the fourteen to become a heroic crown of master sonnets. The poetic style requires the author to be precise in meter and syllable count.

This book is not meant to be a detailed history of the Civil War but rather a poetic adventure describing a country at war with itself. It is a statement about how a new Nation dealt with its inner demons concerning slavery and how the conflict and the times divided the Union and its families.

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