Books on the Move!

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

If you've stopped by in the last week or so, you've probably noticed some changes underway.  We've been rearranging a few of our sections to make it easier to find the books you're looking for, and to give us space to bring in some additional titles we think you'll love.  Check out the changes below!

The Nerd Bunker

Formerly home to just our comics, graphic novels, and role playing games, the Nerd Bunker now contains our entire Sci-Fi and Fantasy collection as well.  With the bigger section comes a bigger collection, of course, so be sure to stop by and check out the new arrivals over the coming weeks.


Mysteries and Thrillers

Freeing up the space that had previously held our Sci-Fi and Fantasy left us room to rearrange our mysteries and thrillers.  Some titles, like Jo Nesbo's works, that were being featured elsewhere now have a space in the section, so it's even easier to browse all your favorites at once.


Biographies and Memoirs

Our memoirs were previously tucked into shelves opposite the children's section.  They're now available with our biographies, which will make them much easier to access when the children's section is full of young readers (as it so often is!).


The Children's Section

Some of the biggest changes are happening with our kids' books.  We've expanded into additional shelves, creating dedicated spaces for nonfiction for both middle graders and picture book readers.  Harry Potter now has his very own section, where you'll find not only all seven books in all your favorite formats, but also additional tales from the Wizarding World, plus games, puzzles, journals, and more!  Or perhaps you're more of a Lego fan?  We've got a whole section of Lego activity books, plus resources for young fans of Minecraft, Pokemon, and Star Wars too!