Borderline Normal - James Filkins

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James Filkins
Borderline Normal
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James Filkins

Somewhere around the turn of the century James Filkins began to dabble with alternative tunings and quickly found himself headed down the path that resulted in the CD Borderline Normal. The tunes on this debut CD evolved over several years and were recorded in his home in various rooms; a homegrown project from start to finish with the exception of mastering by Bill Wolf in Viginia and Art Mcllroy AJ25cx for most of the tracks but also used a guitar made by Iuthier of Matt Harting (Absinthe & The Dirty Floors) and acoustic percussion featuring the talents of Jon Tornga, Marc Alderman, and Michito Sanchez.

The compositions are instrumental originals and have been described as acoustic, ambient, new age, jazz, and ever Celtic. These tunes are acoustically melodic, moody, and sonically textured.

Track List: 
1. Round Lake Leelanau (A Biking Tune)
2. Front Porch Serenade
3. Ambient Noise
4. Borderline Normal
5. Autrain River
6. Early Morning Promises
7. Tears for a Princess
8. The Passing
9. Oreo
10. Possibilities
11. Compatibility
12. Ducks Float
13. A Bleak December
14. Holding Back the Dawn