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  • " I sent a subscription as a gift, and the recipient is thrilled with the wonderful welcome box you sent!  She loved the beautiful pencils and notebook and book pin; she sounded so excited!  She's not a child anymore, but was excited just the way she used to be as a child when new books arrived.   The handwritten birthday note was so nice!  She also appreciated the stamped addressed envelope and is delighted that she gets to tell you the sorts of books she likes to read.   She's in New York, and we're in Texas, but as we shared her excitement, it felt like we were there with her.  Thank you for doing such a beautiful job and making possible these happy moments."
    - Mary, TX

  • " I am so grateful to have been introduced to Brilliant books by my sister-in-law. I know when we have visited I have been able to walk into your story and have 3 good books recommended to me. I know I can email and/or call anytime looking for a specific book or a book suggestion and you all are there. I believe anyone can tell that every person that works at Brilliant Books has a passion for reading and LOVES sharing and talking about books with their customers. That is truly appreciated, noticed and what makes you all special. Which is one of the many reasons I am on my third year of the book of the month club. Please tell everyone that someone all the way in St. Petersburg, FL is one of your biggest fans. Thank you all for being you! "
    - Carrie, FL

  • "I am the HAPPY recipient of an on-going membership with Brilliant Books.  You guys ROCK in your choices, I have never once been disappointed in any of the titles I've received."
    - Cheryl, CO

  • "My favorite day of the month is Brilliant Books delivery day. I have tried various other services that choose books for their subscribers and none of them has come close to choosing as perfectly as you do."
    - Terry, TN

  • "Brilliant Books, but more importantly Brilliant People! My children bought me a monthly gift subscription from Brilliant Books for my birthday. This year, I was delighted when they renewed the Subscription. The Subscription provides me with a book especially chosen by the staff. The staff is so Brilliant that they have delighted me with their selection month after month! They truly are my 'Long Distance Local Bookstore.'"
    - Leslie, WA

  • "I just wanted to leave feedback on my latest selection. Again, this was a book I would have never considered for myself and, once again, it was a slam dunk."
    - Theodora, CA

  • "This past Christmas was my third year of using Brilliant Books subscription service.  It all began as a Christmas gift from my sister in law as she knows how I like to read and am such a difficult person to buy for at Christmas time.  I've been a member of book clubs in years past, but was nothing like what you have offered. My experience with your business has been most wonderful and your selections I receive have been great.  Over these three years I have only returned one novel that I did not particularly care for, and you promptly sent another to replace it no questions asked. We travel to Northern Michigan a couple of times a year and always manage to stop by and shop at your friendly and quaint book store. I look forward to receiving your selection made for me each month and I have already asked 'Santa' for nest years wonderful gift of reading my favorite authors."
    - Wayne, OH

  • "I am three books into my second six month subscription to the Brilliant Books Subscription plan. I want to let you know I am thrilled with my selections. Seriously, I feel like the person who selects books for me actually knows me!  I don't know how you do it, but I look forward to the book I receive from your service each and every month. I have not once been disappointed.  At this point, I can't imagine NOT subscribing to the Brilliant Books service. Thank you again for bringing me books I find interesting, enchanting and that I may never would have discovered on my own."
    - Liz, MI

  • "Wow! What a powerful book. This is why I'm a reader, and why I have stayed with you for the past years- to get a glimpse into a way or life or culture to which I wouldn't have access."
    - Barbara, CA

  • "I'm a Monthly Book subscriber, just wanted to say thanks for always picking the exact book that I want! I swear you guys are telepathic - I'll walk past a book in a store and think 'ooo that one looks great,' and then it shows up on my doorstep a few days later "
    - Gabby, DE

  • "Just nailed what I like perfectly. I told people I was sick so I could stay home to read it. Thank you."
    - Penny, OH

  • "Some magical way, Brilliant Books Monthly sent me something that looks like I would LOVE it, it looks like something I would absolutely pick up, AND I don't already own it!! I don't know how they did that, but they did!"
    - Alisa, MI

  • "Thank You for the best year of reading I have ever had!"
    - Tricia, MI

  • "Oh my goodness you guys at Brilliant Books know me so well. I had seen this book a few times and really wanted to buy it. England, mystery, a dash of romance, and an intricate plot that switches between the past and present, in which twists and surprises are sure to abound, I cannot wait until Winter Break when I can cozy up with a blanket and this book next to the fire."
    - Gabby, MI

  • "Almost every book we received has been spot on. What a joy it is to get those packages!  I don't know who has our profile but they certainly paid attention."
    - Gary, WI

  • "I wanted to let you know that the first book in this trilogy is one of the ones that you chose for me through my subscription, and while I could have just bought this one off Amazon or gone to Barnes and Noble, I wanted to thank you for doing such an astoundingly wonderful job of picking books that are quite honestly perfect for me. I'll be buying most, if not all of my books from you guys now in an effort to repay you for putting so much consideration into choosing which novels to send to me. Keep being Brilliant! :)”
    - Gabby, DE

  • "Half way into year two of getting Brilliant Books Monthly ...enjoying it as it was a thoughtful gift!  I just finished The Council Of Twelve and LOVED it! A wonderful historical 'who done it."  I never even knew there was such a thing.  Better then that I found out there are 6 books in this 'A Hangman's Daughter Tale' that came before. I know what I will be reading soon. :) Thank you for the great selection ... it took me right up my alley I didn't know was mine ha!"
    - Kim, GA

  • "I just wanted to let you know that she was THRILLED with the book subscription. She said it was 'the best gift she had ever been given'. Can’t beat that! Thank you!"
    - Poppy, NJ

  • "The books that you have sent the past two years have been great! I also do get Cozy Reader Box™, Book of the Month™, Strand™, Owl Crate™ and Beautiful Madness™ book boxes, but Brilliant Books Monthly is the one I look forward to the most every month and the one I will drop every other book I am reading to read first! Thanks for continually doing such a great job picking out such great books for me! I truly mean that your picks are always the best and my favorites."
    - Sandy, OH

  • "You have sent me a marvelous selection and variety of books.  I am looking forward to another year of great reading."
    - Cary, MA

  • "Your picks have been so good I have never had to mail one back!"
    - Pat, MI

  • "Thank you again for this great  program; I'm recommending it to friends and colleagues and have good plans to use it as a holiday gift as well!"
    - Christine, VA

  • "Thanks again for this wonderful service! It is one of the greatest gifts I've ever received, and it gives me something to greatly anticipate and savor each month."
    - Andrea, OK

  • "Just a quick note to say how beyond wonderful you are. Last week, I was re-reading a favorite, Where’d You Go Bernadette?—which I probably got from you in the first place. I was thinking as I was reading it that I should send an email and request other books from this author. I didn’t actually send that email- I just thought about it. Know what was waiting on me when I got home? Maria Semple’s latest book. Thanks for the cross-country mind reading. It made my day! As usual, you are beyond good, beyond great, beyond my really high and hopeful expectations."
    - Laura, LA

  • "I am so happy to have found your store on-line. What a lovely, personal service and supporting an independent book store is an extra special bonus."
    - Lisa, CA

  • "I just received my replacement book selection from you this afternoon, and I think you hit it out of the park!!! I am very excited about reading The Excellent Lombards - it really sounds right up my alley. Thank you for taking care of this so fast."
    - Margaret, VA

  • "I have just finished my first book, Not A Sound. I loved it and am so excited to see your next choice. I'm recommending this gift to all of my friends."
    - Mary, MI

  • "Getting these books is like Christmas every month.  It's a great program."
    - Judy, MI

  • "My subscription to your monthly book club was a birthday present from my sister-in-law, and it is already one of the best gifts I have ever received, even though I have yet to receive a book! Just the anticipation alone has been lots of fun.  Thank you for offering such a wonderful service."
    - Lisa, MI

  • "I just wanted to let you know how much I continue to enjoy my Brilliant Books Monthly Subscription.  I think I am coming close to finishing my third year!  I just love knowing that I will be receiving a book that I know I will love every month in the mail.  I have read every single book selection and now I have a very nice collection of books, too!"
    - Sandy, OH

  • "I wanted to take a minute to thank you and everyone who works at Brilliant Books for the wonderful year of reading.  I just recieved my latest book of the month, Back Blast and look forward to reading it. I just finished The Travelers, it was a good one, lots of twists and turns!  I have to say it was like getting a present once a month and it was a good experience to read authors I may never have tried, so much fun.  Thank you again for all the hard work and effort that is put in to the book of the month."
    - Carol, AL

  • "My 80th birthday present of a year of your books is the most satisfying gift ever - right next to the beautiful stray cat my late husband presented me with for an earlier birthday."
    - Cary, MA

  • "I received the gift of the monthly selections from my sister and brother-in-law formerly of TC. I have been in your shop several times and love it. The monthly arrival of a book reminds me of my earliest days as a young Weekly Reader Book Club subscriber. That was nearly 60 years ago but I have that same excitement when the carefully packaged book arrives from Brilliant Books.  I am coming to TC soon and am going to make a point of stopping by your fine store. Hopefully you'll be there so I can say hello. I am enjoying this so much and am considering ordering my books from you. This is a great service you provide."
    - Gary, TX

  • "Last year I was a subscriber to Brilliant Books Monthly. My mother then gifted me the 12-month subscription for Christmas! Brilliant Books Monthly was probably the highlight of my year, aside from getting married (and I'm not kidding). All my selections were exceptional. It was a diverse array of books that I loved reading. Every single pick from last year was spot-on and I LOVE the surprise element and the broad range of genres and authors it showcased."
    - Eva, CA

  • "The subscription to Brilliant Books Monthly is one of the best birthday gifts my husband has ever given me. I talked about it so much to him that he decided it was something I definitely would like—and he was right. Now I am anxiously, but patiently, awaiting the arrival of the books you choose for me each month. I am an avid reader and book gift giver, so Brilliant Books has become one of my most favorite “browse away time” place in Traverse City. Thank you for creating this wonderful book haven! I will come to visit in person whenever I’m in the TC area. Even when I can’t get there in person, I get to stay in touch through your e-newsletters/mailings and being able to order online."
    - Joanne, MI

  • "Thanks so much for the replacement shipment. I can't believe how fast your turnaround was! E. ADORED the new selection, The Fairiest Fairy. We recently installed a pink glitter fairy door in her bedroom, so the book was a "gift" from her fairy friends and she was just tickled with it. We both enjoyed the story very much. You totally nailed the reading level we were hoping for and it has been in our nightly rotation ever since it arrived. E.'s book subscription was a gift from her grandma and I already shared my awesome experience with her as well. I've been raving about your store and I've never even set foot inside! The next time we are in Traverse City, we certainly hope to!"
    - Carly, MI

  • "I wanted to let you know how INCREDIBLY pleased we've been with this gift/service. John is a cranky old man and damn hard to please (he thinks he knows everything :) ), but he has absolutely raved about the books you've chosen for him. Thank you SO much. We will definitely renew."
    - Julia, GA

  • "Thank you so much. While having my foot trouble, my daughter put May's selection away and forgot about it. I am enjoying each and everyone. And all new writers for me. I tend to stick to the old standbys. Now I have a whole new 'family.' Thanks again."
    - Irene, PA

  • "I signed my 3 grandkids up for the 6 month book club for each of their birthdays. My 8 year old granddaughter (Jan. birthday) just asked me, on a recent visit, if I could sign her up again. My 13 year old grandson (April birthday) has received one book so far and LOVES it. He couldn't wait to tell me about it. The third grandchild is 16, so who knows what he's really thinking?? Good job! I will eventually sign them all up again. As they get older picking out gifts gets more difficult, but a book is always appropriate."
    - Cara Lee, MI

  • "I am amazed that you have taken the time to respond, and to respond so nicely and completely. I look forward to the new books with anticipation. I am really into the newest book about China. I guess what I like about the China and India books is that they are about something that I knew nothing about. Thanks for your response and I look forward to more good books. You provide a clever and impressive service. Many Thanks."
    - Larry, MN

  • "I just wanted to write that I got my first book in today's mail--Hold Still by Sally Mann--and you could not have chosen a better book for me!!! I'm not sure who selected it but I am SO excited to read it. It felt like my birthday, opening a present from someone who knows exactly what I like!! Thank you so much for the fun experience and the fantastic selection."
    - Eva, CA

  • "I just wanted to say that I have been truly loving my Brilliant Books Monthly, and I look forward to receiving the wonderful books that your group has selected! I have especially enjoyed "Manual for Cleaning Women: Selected Stories" and "The Tsar of Love and Techno" -- I am so happy with these fantastic selections (from authors who I'd never previously heard of)! You are all doing such an awesome job, that I know I'm going to have to renew when my subscription ends :)"
    - Marina, CA

  • I am continuing to enjoy my Brilliant Books Monthly subscription. Each and every book has been a great read for me. This last book that was sent to me may have been my favorite of the 15 books so far: “Firecombe Manor” by Kate Riordan. I loved everything about it! The history, setting, writing style, theme, everything! I currently am subscribed to 5 book subscriptions, but you guys are my favorite by far. I love how it is personalized to my taste. Thanks for all you do! P.S. My boys loved their last book, too, The Demon Dentist."
    - Jane, WV

  • "I recently received my first book from my 6 month subscription which was a Christmas gift to me from my daughter. I filled out my original card stating the authors I like to read and that “thrillers” are my choice reading material. I also explained that I am most interested in learning about new authors that write my type of reading material. Although I love to read, time does not always allow for doing much of that most days... except for the past week. You sent me a book called Good Girl by Mary Kubica. I couldn’t put it down! YOU GUYS NAILED IT! I just wanted you to know that it appears you really looked at the card I returned to you and put a lot of thought into the selection you sent to me. I can’t wait to see what your next selection will be. Thanks for being so 'Brilliant!'"
    - Cindi, MA

  • "Want to offer feedback on the three books I've received. Each has been an excellent match. What's funny is that I was skeptical when I started each one. Ove's personality bothered me deeply until the details of his past began slowly unfolding. Blackbird House was set in a time and place in which I've not had much interest in the past, and then the interweaving stories and motifs drew me in. And the slow pace of Broken Wheel annoyed me until, suddenly and all at once, I loved everyone in the book. Thank you for these remarkable reads. I don't think I would have picked up a single one on my own; as such, these reading experiences have been serendipitous and surprising and fortunate all at once."
    - D. M., Indiana

  • "My husband is one of your customers, and got me this subscription as a Christmas gift. So far we have been very impressed by the entire experience - from the quality of the books to the customer service. Plus, it is so exciting to know that someone is picking out a book just for me! Thank you."
    - Elena, MI

  • "I received Breakdown by Jonathan Kellerman today! Thank you so much. I love both books that I have gotten from Brilliant Books thus far. I so appreciate the variety of materials that you offer. I am very hard to buy for at Christmas because I am a senior citizen and have all that I need. I have a very wonderful family and couldn't ask for more. When my son and daughter-in-law told me about my gift, I was skeptical. Now that I have received my books, I am delighted! Thank you so much, the two books that I received would be exactly the ones I would have purchased for myself! I do love having you as my Long Distance Local Bookstore."
    - Pam, OH

  • "Hi! I got the book three days ago. I finished it yesterday! It is my favorite book ever (and I've read a lot of books).You guys did and amazing job!"
    - Keira (age 10), CO

  • "I must compliment you on the first choice of books you sent to me.  I had only heard of Bruce Henderson, never read one of his books. “Rescue at Los Banos” was an outstanding book. His research was deep and his character building was right on target. It took four or five days to go through a little more than half of the book.  Then I sat down this past Saturday and absorbed the rest of it…I could not put it down. Great choice, I loved it and would read another of his books in the future. I’ve passed it on to a retired Army Coronel that I work with, I think he will enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you"
    - Tony, OH

  • "Just finished the book. It arrived yesterday. Excellent choice for me. Thank you. As a choice for ME I rate it 5 of 5. You used my info about what I like combined with your insight and judgment to make a simply excellent selection for me. Bravo. Thank you Brilliant Books and THANK YOU, SON."
    - Jay, CA

  • "I am continuing to enjoy your choices for me. I did not realize how much I like historical fiction and fantasy. This has been a phenomenal experience. I visited the store Tuesday to pick up an additional book, as I left my books downstate at home, and am in Traverse for the week. I picked up the Magnus Flynn book, City of Dark Magic. It was a great, light escape. I would not have previously picked out that book for myself. I used to think I liked mystery and suspense novels. It turns out I really prefer fantasy and time travel so much more. It has been so great to learn about myself, and give in to my inner geek. Just wanted to say thanks."
    - Kate, MI

  • "Hi Brilliant staff, Thanks for the heads up. I'll just hand the notice about signing up for another year to my husband, who thought of it last year. This has been the best gift (excluding a canoe) that I've ever received. I look forward to it every month, and except for the book of Irish short stories, every one has been excellent. I feel like I've been around the world, peeking into other peoples lives and cultures. Thanks so much!!"
    - Barbara, CA

  • "I received my final book Black Chalk by Christopher Yates. I have started it and am into the Game. All I can say is this is what Brilliant Books Monthly is all about. You have introduced me to fabulous books I have never heard of or reads I never would have picked out for myself. You have stretched my choices and made me a more adventurous reader. You have jolted me out of my reading doldrums. I have told people that this is what I want for Christmas. Thank you so much."
    - Jan, MI

  • "This is perfect! I will share this renewal info with my family. I am also highly recommending this subscription service to my friends to put on their Santa list. This is the best book club I have ever purchased."
    - Carrie, Maine

  • "Yes, Laura is loving her Brilliant Books Monthly. She has had it for two years now and says it is the best gift she has ever received!"
    - Michael, LA

  • "This has been such a wonderful gift! The best ever in my life!!!! I have enjoyed all the books. You have a comprehensive back list and wonderful inventory. Thanks again for all you are doing for the world of books."
    - Elizabeth, CA

  • "First, I would like to start by telling you how much I've enjoyed being a part of Brilliant Books Monthly the last two months (it was honestly the best birthday present my fiancé has ever gotten for me)!"
    - Brandi, NC

  • "This was a gift from my family and I am loving it!"
    - Linda, MI

  • "I am so happy with this and actually hope to continue with your program once my gift has expired! Thank you!"
    - Kelly, UT

  • "I was so excited for this monthly book club and couldn't believe how someone who didn't really know me could pick a book I'd love, but you did! Can't wait to see what you pick for me next. I'm excited to be exposed to great books that I may not have found myself. Thank you!"
    - Holly, MI

  • "Great selection! Such a fun gift...I'm already thinking of people to whom I'd like to give this gift."
    - Molly, MN

  • "It made me so happy to receive a book selection (just for me!) in my mailbox. It was like an unexpected gift that brightened my day."
    - Tracy, IA

  • "This is truly a fabulous program and I love that you allow me to give feedback. Looking forward to next month!"
    - Aubrey, MI

  • "I kind of get excited waiting to check the mail in the middle of the month hoping that its a book from your store. Your services were a gift to me from a friend and Ive been recommending you nonstop to others. This is truly a great gift and your team seems like they have a talent."
    - Ruth, NY

  • "I received my first paperback about two weeks ago - and all I can say is "Wow!" I truly enjoyed my first selection; it was not a book I would have found on my own, and I feel my life is richer for having read the book. I can't hardly wait for my next book. Thank you for your support of reading and your unique way of making Brilliant Books available to those of us who don't live in the immediate area."
    - Shelley, MI

  • "I loved my first book very dearly!! It was something I never would have picked for myself, but it was just the kind of thing I was hoping for from you. Thank you!"
    - Carissa, CA

  • I loved my first book that was sent!! I am certainly ready for the next one anytime. I'm most likely going to extend my subscription when it ends. I very much love this idea. In fact I recently purchased this for my spouse because I love it much. Thank you for the first great book and am looking forward to the next one.
    - Becky, MI

  • I am thoroughly enjoying my monthly "surprise books." I hope my son gives me the same Christmas gift next year.
    - Anne, MI

  • Hey, I just finished reading The Secret Keeper. I loved the book! I didn't see what was coming at all (many times throughout the book). I loved this selection. Appreciate your sending it to me.
    - Jane, AR

  • "The Stranger" was great. I really enjoyed Harlan Coben's writing. He is an author that I had not read before. Thank you for such a good read.
    - Tammy, FL

  • The second book was also a great choice. I'm fairly convinced you've got psychics picking these out.
    - Sophia, MI

  • I am looking forward to my new books. Enjoyed all my past novels. You are very nice people to deal with and it is so easy. Thank you Peter and your staff.
    - Irene, PA

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