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Our flagship subscription service, Brilliant Books Monthly, was designed to find just the right books for every reader, with each title hand-picked by an expert bookseller.  But sometimes you want a book that challenges the way you think, something that’s part of a bigger conversation, and is important to consider even if it’s not your next favorite.

That’s where our Iconic Reads subscriptions come in.  

We've created a whole series of subscriptions that feature a bookseller-curated list of titles in a specific theme, from Modern Classics to Science Fiction Through the Ages.  The curated lists include  the books that are important: the ones that raised questions (and sometimes eyebrows), and started conversations large and small.  But because we're Brilliant Books, we never want you to get stuck with a book you've already read or won't enjoy, so we take your personal preferences into account when choosing from our curated lists as we select a dozen titles for you to receive over the course of the year.  The lists will be refreshed annually, so you can even enjoy a subscription more than once!


Choose From:


Banned Books


A Year of No White Men Poetry Modern Classics
Science Fiction Through the Ages

Nature Writing

Modern Picture Book Classics


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