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This edition of Iconic Reads is no longer available.  Check out the Iconic Reads homepage to see what's coming up next!


You asked for it, so here it is!

In eight years of perusing the preferences of tens of thousands of Brilliant Books Monthly subscribers, we hear a familiar request: What are the great books I missed while raising a family or pursuing a career?  These subscribers are, or were, avid readers, and now want to go back and catch up on the reading they missed.

That's why we put together a very special edition of Brilliant Books Monthly designed specifically for the reader eager to catch up on iconic reads.  You get the same expert service you've come to expect from Brilliant Books, and all the titles have been hand selected by our team of expert booksellers. 

Our curated Iconic Reads list includes all the books that were important from the last 30 years: the ones that raised questions (and sometimes eyebrows), and started conversations large and small.  Don't worry - you still get a choice.  We take your personal preferences, and what you've already enjoyed, into account when choosing from our curated lists as we select a dozen titles for you to receive over the course of the year.  Pricing includes all shipping, handling, and customer service.

Hurry!  - Iconic Reads is limited to 100 subscribers
Iconic Reads is only available for a limited time and to a limited number of subscribers.  We want the entire experience to be like being in a virtual book group.  We'll lead social media discussions of each book as it is sent out and read by the Iconic Reads 100.  Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.


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