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Featuring a selection of the best picture books of recent decades!

As booksellers, we love the excitement of those with a new reason to browse the picture books: building a collection for a new babe on the way, a little one excited to explore reading, or a new grandchild who needs a library.  There are so many gorgeous and varied options these days, with something for everyone.
When choosing books for little ones, we as adults tend to reach for that favorite picture book from our own childhoods, or choose books for your grandchildren you also read to your own little one. There are so many fond memories tied up in these books which become formative parts of early childhood. These familiar favorites are beautiful books, and definitely deserve a spot on the shelf, but you also have so many wonderful new options to consider!


We as booksellers delight in introducing you to what will be your new favorites: new books with timeless appeal.  These are the books that your children will be reaching for when they start building libraries for their own little ones.  Some are award-winning and some are lesser-known, but all of them bring something unique and special to a young reader's library.

With this new Modern Picture Book Classics edition of Iconic Reads, we have curated a beautiful selection of books to excite both parents and little ones. Selected by our children's specialists, Rachel and Sam, these are the books we don't want you to miss as you nurture a future reader.


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