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This edition of Iconic Reads focuses on Nature Writing as a genre and is curated by Rachel, Sandi, and Jack

Our technology-driven lifestyle leaves many of us weary and turning to nature for a reprieve.  The natural world is a refreshing constant, a step away from the device in hand, and, for many, a centering place in a life full of distractions.  Consequently, the canon of nature writing is growing, continuing that in-person experience with writing that reflects on the natural world, often from a place of self-examination.

While nature has served as a device in storytelling from fables to campfire stories, these were often about the human experience in nature rather than human beings as natural creatures ourselves. Through the ages, human exploration of the natural world has changed from something we needed to survive and overcome to something with which we could engage with, embracing nature in a more immersive way.  This transition is reflected in the writing we see in this genre, though nature writing is vast and varied in its form, from essays and poetry to more scientific examinations. From John Muir's awe of nature in his tales of exploring the Sierras to Helen McDonald's exploration of grief while training a hawk, the one true constant in this edition of Iconic Reads is the natural world.

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