Brilliant Books Monthly Iconic Reads - Science Fiction Through the Ages



Featuring a trip through the past 70 years via the lens of Science Fiction

This edition is curated by our resident Science Fiction expert, Jodie, who shared a bit of the rationale behind the structure of this edition:

Science Fiction literature has had a tremendous impact on society and culture since humans began looking toward the future and speculating on what the universe might hold for our lives.  Where will we end up, both in terms of location and culturally?   From utopian societies based on equality and peace to the apocalyptic downfalls of numerous worlds, Science Fiction allows us to extrapolate from our past and present and project forward to a future filled with new incarnations of our wants, needs, fears, and desires.  Science fiction has served as a foundation for films such as James Cameron's Avatar, toys like the Nintendo Entertainment System, gadgets and cell phones , and even actual science and technology in the military and medical fields.  So let's strap in and begin our journey into Science Fiction Through the Ages!


This subscription will cover, chronologically, each decade from the 1950s through the 2010s, and feature several books from each decade.  Along with each month's book, you'll receive a letter from Jodie contextualizing each selection: the impact the book had on sci-fi as a genre, and how the social and cultural changes of each decade shaped the literature it produced.


About Iconic Reads Subscriptions:

Brilliant Books Monthly Iconic Reads was created as an easy way for readers to give our flagship service a try. Iconic Reads selections receive the same careful curation as standard subscriptions, but we have narrowed down the scope to a specific area of interest. Each new version is limited edition, and new versions are released throughout the year. Whether you choose a deep dive into your favorite genre or a guided exploration of something new, you get the same expert service you've come to expect from Brilliant Books. Want to know more? Check out our FAQ page.




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