Brilliant Books Monthly Iconic Reads - A Year of No White Men


For centuries, the white male viewpoint has dominated publishing in the Western world, and we think that's more than long enough.  It's time to shift the focus to other voices and hear their stories in their own words.  This subscription contains books by authors from a wide range of races, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds, but none of them are white men.  We have also chosen to limit the white people we have included to those who are members of other minority communities, including people with disabilities and LGBTQ+ individuals.

We're acutely aware that, as a staff of predominantly white booksellers in an overwhelmingly white community, it is not our place, nor our intention, to try and speak to the experiences of those who are Black, Indigenous, people of color, or whose backgrounds differ from ours in other ways.  It is our responsibility, however, to use our platform and privilege to make sure that their voices are heard.  We've begun with a range of fiction and poetry, and since we couldn't begin to fit all the books we would love to share in a single year-long subscription, we hope that rather than serving as a highlight reel, this subscription can serve as an entry point to the extensive and diverse world of books by people other than white men.


About Iconic Reads Subscriptions:

Brilliant Books Monthly Iconic Reads was created as an easy way for readers to give our flagship service a try. Iconic Reads selections receive the same careful curation as standard subscriptions, but we have narrowed down the scope to a specific area of interest. Each version is regularly updated, and new versions are released throughout the year. Whether you choose a deep dive into your favorite genre or a guided exploration of something new, you get the same expert service you've come to expect from Brilliant Books. Want to know more? Check out our FAQ page.

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