Love Pop

Disney's Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

SKU: 842246121947
The black glittery cover of this pop-up design features the spooky rolling hill of Halloween Town, backlit by a large yellow full moon. Upon opening, Jack Skellington and Sally appear holding hands on the top of the hill, surrounded by an abundance of sinister-looking jack-o-lanterns. The Mayor and Zero hang out towards the base of the hill, surrounded by the ghoulish decor of Halloween Town.  An officially licensed design.


Haunted House

SKU: 842246121800

The black cover of this spooky pop-up design features a white skull, an orange pumpkin, and a white ghost. Inside this card, a 3D pop-up haunted house and leaf-free tree — wearing a sinister smirk — appear. The gray house is covered in black vines and white cobwebs. Ghostly friends hide throughout this Halloween-inspired design. Pumpkins, skulls, and orange lights are scattered throughout the background scene against light gray panels.

Floral Skull

SKU: 842246122159

An intricately laser-cut skull wearing a purple and pink flower crown decorates the front of this lavender pop-up card. Upon opening, an ornate white skull appears with beautiful floral embellishments cascading down the side. The pastel inner panels of this design feature elegantly illustrated pink and purple flowers with vibrant green leaves.


SKU: 842246122197

The orange cover of this pop-up design features three spooky ghosts, a handful of spiders, and a few eyeballs - oh my! Once opened, a scary cast of characters appears, including a cat, a bat, and a gaggle of ghosts. The teal inner panels showcase some iconic Halloween decorations, from witches hats to more eyeballs. So "spooky!"

Witch's Brew

SKU: 842246110729

The black front of Witch's Brew pop up card features a witch's bubbling cauldron. Open the card to find a little green witch with purple hair stirring a steaming black cauldron.

The witch is decked out in the traditional black dress and black pointy hat. A black cat embellishes the corner of this otherwise blank card.


Hedgehog Valentine

SKU: LP2359

A fresh take on this Lovepop favorite, Hedgehog Valentine is the perfect way to serenade your Valentine this year. Your crush will surely have heart eyes after seeing this endearing design. Send your college kid this lovely reminder that even though they may be far away, they'll always be your little hedgehog.

Looking Good Llama

SKU: LP2346

Looking Good Llama is the perfect way to let your best friends know you're their biggest fan. Your crush will appreciate this cute and quirky sentiment straight from the heart. Everyone could use a little bit of whimsy when spreading the love to those they care about - kids and adults alike!

Love Explosion

SKU: LP2250

Whether it's your first Valentine's Day with your partner, or you're giving your best friend some extra TLC, our Love Explosion design is sure to make their hearts melt. Anyone who adds a sprinkle of extra love into your life will truly appreciate this heartfelt sentiment.