Love Pop

Pink Calla Lily

SKU: 842246120056

The bright green cover of this pop-up card features a pink and yellow Calla Lily bud ready to blossom. A beautiful 3D flower blooms upon opening this stunning design. The vibrant printed pink flower petal appears soft, taking on an airbrushed, watercolor effect. This beautiful and bold flower sticks out against the shimmering dark green leaves and lighter background.

Nordic Christmas Tree

SKU: 842246118497

A tiny bearded gnome races forward with a VIP (that stands for VERY important present) on the cover of this royal blue laser-cut card. Inside, he joins his gnome pal in decorating an intricately sliced and formed tree sculpture in vivid green and white. With tall garnet red hats and fistfuls of gold ribbon, the gnomes prepare their Christmas tree for a holiday celebration against the snowy white background.

Gnome Sleigh

SKU: 842246118480

A sweet bearded gnome presents his yule goat pal with a present on the front of this royal blue card. Inside, the duo comes to life in vivid 3D, our gnome perched atop an intricately sliced, wood grain sleigh sculpture, with his furry yule goat leading the way. The realistic paper sleigh and characters begin their trek across a vividly illustrated snowy white and blue scene, framed by a chocolate brown log and berry-trimmed branches.

Nordic Present

SKU: 842246115465

Wrapped in a big red bow, a tiny bearded gnome stands on the font of this laser-cut royal blue card. Inside, he and his mates don tall red hats and spring to life, teaming up to tie a bow onto a giant 3D present sculpture. The blue and silver parcel features intricately sliced filigree and flourishes, with an extravagant silver ribbon bow on top. They are surrounded by a vividly illustrated backdrop of snow-covered grounds and berry-filled brambles peeking along the edge.

Night Before Christmas Tree

SKU: 842246118459

Fluffy, white snow frosts the laser-cut pine on the forest green front of our Night Before Christmas Tree card. Inside, the snow-tipped tree magically appears in 3D sculpture form, featuring gold star-shaped trimmings, jolly red berries, and chubby, chocolate brown pinecones. Ruby-colored cardinals flock this whimsical pop-up, cheerfully frolicking (and leaving footprints) through the snow-covered ground, rippling water trough, and intricately cut branches.

Night Before Christmas Santa Sleigh

SKU: 842246118442

Jolly old Saint Nick and his sack of gifts sit atop an intricate, laser-cut sleigh on the shimmering gold front of our Night Before Christmas Santa Sleigh card. Inside, Santa Claus, in classic ruby red and white, and his trusty wooden sleigh spring to life in exquisitely detailed 3D. Sleigh tracks and imprints of reindeer hooves are cheekily scattered on the vividly illustrated backdrop depicting one cold winter's night.

Surf Dog

SKU: 842246117643

Our Lovepop pups live their best lives. When they're not chillin' in the bath or chowing down on pizza, Surf Dog is catching those big waves in a sideways baseball cap and shades. A laser-cut version of this happy golden retriever graces the front of this playful turquoise card, with his sorbet-shade-striped surfboard parked close behind. Inside, he's riding bold blue waves with a single bone/snack balanced smoothly on his board. Surf's pup!

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

SKU: 842246118411

The ruby eyes of the lifelike Red-Eyed Tree Frog pierce the front of this cheerful yellow card. Both the laser-cut and 3D versions of our newest rainforest resident sits atop lush, larger-than-life monstera leaves. Lemon yellow, cerulean, and amber markings accent the chipper, slender frog sculpture, with intricate bubble-shaped cutouts and wide webbed feet and hands.