Love Pop

Bunny Family

SKU: 842246117520

The light purple cover of the Bunny Family pop up card features a printed little white bunny on the back of a bigger, brown bunny.
Once opened, the Bunny Family reveals the two bunnies from the cover in the center of the card. The white bunny is perked up while the bigger, brown bunny, with its ears pointed slightly downward, is standing in place on the flowery meadow. Behind the Bunny Family, a moss-and-flower-covered log is home to three more little white bunnies!

Blue Morpho

SKU: 842246117582

The dark blue cover of the Blue Morpho Butterfly card features a light blue, laser-cut butterfly fluttering about a pink hibiscus and its green stem.
Once opened, the Blue Morpho card reveals a blue and orange winged butterfly sitting upon a printed pink hibiscus. If you look under its wings, the Blue Morpho unveils a third color, brown, to add to its beauty. Along the inner panels, three pink hibiscuses and their green leaves create an elegant garden scene.

Jacaranda Tree

SKU: 842246117544

At Lovepop, we love a good tree card. The Jacaranda Tree pop up card is the most majestic of all. With laser-cut green pinnate leaves and lavender and violet bell-shaped flowers, our newest member of the tree family appears, as our designer Joe puts it: "infinite."

Tulip Bouquet

SKU: 842246117537

The sage green cover of the Tulip Bouquet pop up card features a laser-cut bouquet of pink, yellow, orange, and purple tulips.
Once opened, the Tulip Bouquet reveals itself in all its beauty. The multi-colored bouquet consists of white, purple, red, pink, and yellow tulips that burst out of an elegant light purple vase. Along the inner panels, five tulips peak into the scene over the gray and white printed marble top.

Bonsai Tree

SKU: 842246117384

Give the gift of zen with our Bonsai Tree pop-up card, featuring a laser-cut bonsai with vibrant green leaves and a minimalist gray and white trunk.
Inside, the asymmetrical sculpture stretches toward the sky, with dramatic, drooping branches that nearly touch the wood-print panels of the card. Mirroring its front, the bonsai pop-up plants its roots within a tan and brown base, while a Japanese rock garden and rake peek from the lower right corner for an added cue to serenity.


SKU: 842246117513

The Cardinal pop up features a navy blue cover laser-cut with a beautiful red cardinal perched upon a gray branch with orange and yellow leaves.
Once opened, a red Cardinal reveals itself all perked up on a white branch. Below the Cardinal sculpture, the white and gray branches with little, orange and yellow leaves support the bird as it oversees its surroundings. The inside panels are also printed with a sky blue color that fits in perfectly with the beautiful scene.


SKU: 842246117056

The Hummingbird pop up features a forest green cover laser-cut with a light green hummingbird hovering above a pink honeysuckle.
Once opened, an intricately designed and colored hummingbird reveals itself suspended above light green panels with wings outstretched behind its back. The Hummingbird's head has a blue beak, lime green face, red throat, and dark green crown. The bird, hovering over yellow and purple flowers, also has light and dark green wings, a white belly, and orange talons.