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Introducing Iconic Reads: Banned Books

Friday, April 14th, 2023.

Banned BooksFor the past few years, book bans and challenges have been at the forefront of the news.  Legions of books are being pulled off of shelves for being "inappropriate" or "dangerous."

However, book bans are anything but new.  Literature has long been censored, challenged, and destroyed for containing dangerous ideas.  In fact, this May is the 90th anniversary of the infamous Nazi burning of over 25,000 books.

In remembrance for and resistance against these book bans, we are proud and excited to unveil our Brilliant Books Monthly Iconic Reads: Banned Books.

Join us on a journey into the long history of book bans — and discover for yourself how truly dangerous literature can be.

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Got Your Blue Envelope Yet?

Monday, October 3, 2022.

It's back!  Our third annual Blue Envelope campaign is here, which means that from now through October 31, when you give Brilliant Books Monthly, you'll get a gift for yourself.

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You already know that our flagship subscription service, Brilliant Books Monthly, makes a fantastic gift.  So fantastic, in fact, that we get hundreds of orders for new and renewed subscriptions during the holiday season alone. 

If you place your order early enough to beat the Christmas rush (that is, between September 1-21) we've got a Blue Envelope just for you.

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Brilliant Books Monthly: Holiday Box!

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Colorful box on a canopy of fir branches



Are you thinking of gifting a Brilliant Books Monthly subscription this holiday season?  It's a great gift for readers of all kinds, with every book personalized for the reader—which is why readers call Brilliant Books Monthly  "one of the best gifts ever!"  Plus, this year you can throw in some extra holiday cheer with our limited edition Holiday Box!

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Brilliant Books Monthly Box Design Contest

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Brilliant Books' Box Design Contest

Think you have what it takes to design our 2023 Young Readers' Brilliant Books Monthly Welcome Box?  Now's your chance to find out!

In this contest, we're inviting kids 12 and under to create their very own cover for the 2023 Welcome Box for Brilliant Books Monthly: Young Readers' Edition.  The sky is the limit on what these budding artists can create, as long as the design is their own work and relates to books and reading!

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It's Not Too Late!

Saturday, December 19th, 2020

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The postal shipping dates have passed us by, but Santa's not the only one who can still get gifts delivered by Christmas. 

When you buy your loved one a Brilliant Books Monthly subscription now through Christmas Day, we can email you a personalized gift package to print out at home. This package includes a congratulations certificate, a welcome letter from our owner, and a foldable gift bag to create a present every reader will love to find under the tree--the perfect last minute gift!

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Brilliant Books Monthly Iconic Reads

Friday, February 28th, 2020
It's back!  Our limited edition Iconic Reads subscriptions have returned, and we've added three new editions to the lineup. 
Iconic Reads subscriptions feature a bookseller-curated list of titles in a specific theme, from Modern Classics to Science Fiction Through the Ages.  The curated lists include all the books that are important: the ones that raised questions (and sometimes eyebrows), and started conversations large and small.  But because we're Brilliant Books, we never want you to get stuck with a book you've already read or won't enjoy, so we take your personal preferences into account when choosing from our curated lists as we select a dozen titles for you to receive over the course of the year.