My Favorite Gardeners

Thursday, Feburary 24th, 2022.

Caitlin's garden, with flower bushesWe may still be under winter's thumb, but our marketing director Caitlin has a thumb of her own, and it's decidedly green.  As spring approaches, she's getting ready to revive her beautiful garden—and today she's sharing the wisdom of four of her favorite gardeners!  Get ready for spring and all the green that it brings.

Caitlin's Favorite Gardeners

A Little Spring Cleaning

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Spring is an excellent time for a bit of a re-set.  As we shake out the dust of winter and welcome in the sunshine, a little spring cleaning can do wonders in many different aspects of your life.  From decluttering your house to refreshing your yard to reorganizing your mindset, here are a few books to help you get underway.

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Kids in the Garden

Thursday, March 25th, 2021

Gardening is a special kind of magic, and now is the time to share that joy with the little ones.  Even the youngest kids can enjoy watching their flowers bloom and seedlings poke their way out of the ground.   While we wait for the last vestiges of winter to loosen their grasp, here are a few stories to inspire your young gardeners!

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Gearing Up for Gardening

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

If you ever talk to me for more than about five minutes, chances are, I will pull out my phone and start showing you pictures of my garden.  Or my seedlings.  Or the awesome head of broccoli I grew this one time (seriously, it was gorgeous...and delicious).  Or the patch of dirt that will, someday, be home to a riot of colorful blooms.  Gardening is second only to my pets as the primary subject of my camera roll, and it's definitely primary occupation of my free time as soon as the weather breaks until everything is put to bed in the fall...

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

I've seen reports lately from some of my favorite family-owned seed companies that they're being deluged with orders as people seek to reduce their reliance on grocery stores (and really, anything that requires leaving home).  Although I wish it were under happier circumstances, I'm delighted to see so many people taking an interest in gardening.  I'm a dedicated gardener myself , and I must say, aside from the health and environmental benefits of growing your own food, it's a delightful, relaxing hobby.  Apparently, it might even help you live to be 100, according to the BBC

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