On Travel

Wednesday, February 8th, 2023.


Spring break is coming up soon.  There are trips to plan, tickets to book, and so many wonderful places to see.

 Last month, we featured some guides for the U.S. national parks, but there are so many other places to travel — and so many reasons that people are drawn to wander far from home.

 Our marketing assistant and web editor Leo is currently traveling in Europe.  Read Leo's article about their travel experiences, plus peruse our featured travel guides from Chicago to Copenhagen!

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The Bookseller's Guide to Fall Beverages

Monday, October 10, 2022.

Book and steaming mug

It's fall, the season of colorful leaves, cozy sweaters, and curling up with a good book and a nice, warm drink.  But which book — and what drink?

Whether you drink tea, coffee, or something stronger, take a tour through some of our booksellers' favorite fall drink pairings.  Discover some of our team's favorite autumn reads and the drink pairings that make them shine.

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To Read or Not to Read

Friday, August 26, 2022.

William Shakespeare

With their beautiful poetry and eternal themes, Shakespeare's works are iconic pieces of English literature.  They've inspired countless books and films, and after 400 years, his plays are still being read and performed.  But, lets face it: they can also be confusing.

 Today, Leo, our resident Shakespeare fanatic, is highlighting 8 great tips for reading — and enjoying — Shakespeare.

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Falling in Love With Love

Friday, April 15, 2022.

Flower heartLGBTQ+ romance is a rapidly growing subgenre.  According to a recent New York Times article, over the past five years, LGBTQ+ romance book sales have increased by a whopping 740%!  It’s clear that people are hungry for happy queer stories, so Leo is here to give the people what they want.

Check out some of Leo's favorite LGBTQ+ romance books (featuring both YA and Adult)—plus read abut how queer representation has changed Leo's relationship with the romance genre.

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Leo's Cauldron of Everything

Friday, February 25, 2022.

Leo in a mystical wood, holding fire in their hand

How does our web editor Leo turn into a fearless Game Master?  It takes practice, determination, and some great resources...

So if you're one of us nerds who sits around a table (real or virtual), rolls dice, and gets overly invested in fictional universes, check out Leo's article below.  They will take you on a tour of valuable tomes that hold secrets to the ancient skills of worldbuilding, roleplaying, and combat.

Level Up Your D&D Game