Rainbow Story Time

Rainbow story timeFriday, May 3, 2024

On Saturday June 8th, join Wild + Wonder, Miriam Pico (Mindful + Musical), local artist Laura Adams, and Brilliant Books for a kids' Pride event at the Dennos Museum of Art!

This family event will have it all: music, art, a read-aloud story time, and time for connection & book browsing from 10am to 11:00am.  We are so excited to celebrate with you and your young readers!

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Pride Month Staff Picks

Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Pride Staff Picks

Welcome to Pride Month!

This month, we'll be celebrating all kinds of LGBTQ+ stories, from fiction to memoir, kids' literature, and more.  Today, we're kicking things off with a brand new collection of Staff Favorites, full of brilliant queer stories!

Explore the full collection below — and get ready for a great month of reading.

Staff Picks for Pride

Sapphic Literature

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Sapphic literature

It is wild to me how much LGBTQ+ literature has boomed over the last decade.  Where there once was the “token white gay best friend” character trope, there is now a vast array of diverse queer characters in science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and in so many other places...

 Today, bookseller Carissa take us on a tour of LGBTQ+ literature, with a special emphasis on the L!  Get her take on the changing book scene — and some of her favorite sapphic book recs, from romance to science fiction.

Sapphic Literature

Race and Sexuality

Friday, July 8th, 2022.

Queer Black couple

Last month, our bookseller Peri has shared some great articles about human sexuality and the importance of LGBTQ+ education.  Now they're tackling race, sexuality, .

Explore the complex relationships between racism, feminism, and the fight for queer liberation — plus five of Peri's favorite books on intersectionality.

Race & Sexuality