Race and Sexuality

Friday, July 8th, 2022.

Queer Black couple

Last month, our bookseller Peri has shared some great articles about human sexuality and the importance of LGBTQ+ education.  Now they're tackling race, sexuality, .

Explore the complex relationships between racism, feminism, and the fight for queer liberation — plus five of Peri's favorite books on intersectionality.

Race & Sexuality

Human Sexuality

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Couple at PrideLGBTQ+ Pride Month is a time of celebration, of protest, of community, and also of education—about identity, sexuality, intersectionality, and so much more

This month, our bookseller Periwinkle is delving into the field of human sexuality, a somewhat off-limit topic in our society (and the subject of Peri's current degree).  In a series of articles, they will guide people of all ages and sexual orientations through many complex (and often taboo) topics included under the umbrella of human sexuality.

First up, Periwinkle's top recommendations for covering the basics, including those you never learned about in school.

Peri's Introduction to Human Sexuality