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Manga: An Introduction

Manga is the Japanese word for comics—not only those drawn in a particular style, but all comics.  In the US, however, manga has come to refer specifically to Japanese produced (or Japanese style) comics that are read from right to left.  In Japan, where these comics make up a full 30% of the book market, they are released as weekly serials in magazines such as Shounen Jump.  These weekly releases are then collected and sold by the volume

Take Five: Kendall's Picks

As booksellers, we have a tendency to only talk about the books we love, but not every book works for every reader.  A book we didn't enjoy would still be perfect for someone else, so we want to make sure they get some airtime, too!  That's why we're starting a new series featuring the last five books each bookseller has read, including both the ones they loved, and those that would be better for another reader.  First up, Kendall's most recent reads!


Road Trip Books

I love roadtrip novels any time of the year whether it's January or June. But, in an effort to spend as much time at home as I can, I'm looking for even more adventure-filled tales to escape into. Here's some of my favorite roadtrip (and tracktrip?) books to help you travel the world from the comfort of your couch.

Heat Wave!

If you live in Michigan, you'll know we've been in the midst of a heat wave that's pushed temperatures into the 90s on a daily basis.  So now might be the perfect time to stay indoors and enjoy your scalding hot settings in the pages of a book instead.  Of course, if you'd rather escape the heat entirely, we've got a list for you, too.


Summer Cookbooks

Friday, June 26th, 2020

By the end of winter and root vegetable season, I am always so excited for the fresh foods of summer. 


With the farmer's market back open and so many with home gardens right now, getting creative with vegetables is a must.


Here are some great additions to your cookbook collection, that will brighten your summer meals.

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Mythology for Teens and Beyond

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

Many middle grade readers dive deep into these fun mythology based series emerging with a love of mythology, but are unsure what to read next. This tends to be right around the time they are aging into Young Adult books and a whole new world of reading to navigate. Hunger Games are a logical next step for many, Suzanne Collins, has often spoke of the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur influencing her books. But what next?

Luckily there are still lots of great options for those not ready to leave the mythology based fantasy as they move into YA, for the transitional reader and those ready for more mature content.

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A Penguin Classics Store

From the earliest days of Brilliant Books, even when we were still located in Suttons Bay, we have always been a Penguin Classics store.  That means we pledge to carry literally hundreds of Penguin Classic books in store at all times, as anyone who's browsed our classics shelves can attest.

The Required Reading Remix

Ah, required reading. How we all love to hate it. Regardless of how you feel about the books you read in high school, it's no secret that some of it can read as a bit dated. So, without any further ado, I present The Required Reading Remix, five young adult books recommended based on themes, settings, and characters found on many required reading lists, perfect for anyone looking to create their own summer reading list!